Emergency mode is entered in the Ust-Yanskiy in Yakutia by floods

A state of emergency municipal character introduced on Thursday in the Yakut village of Ust-Jansky, where due podtopilo flood homes, told RIA Novosti the district administration.

"The head of the Ust-Yana region of Yakutia on Thursday introduced a regime of emergency introduced because of eight houses and 65 domestic territories were flooded due to rising water levels in the River John," — said the source.

Earlier it was reported that due to the rising water levels in the river Yana in Ust-Janské flooding occurred eight houses and 65 yards of two and four apartment houses, inhabited by 262 people, including 75 children. In temporary accommodation in the Cossack village, as well as relatives and friends were moved 140 people, including 51 children, and the rest remained in the village.

According to the forecasts of Engineering and Technology Center "RDC" water from the village will take 2-3 days. Employment specialists are operational satellite monitoring of the spring floods on the rivers of Russia and the space data is transferred to Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Currently, the water level in the village of Ust-Yansk thousand is 1.18 centimeters at the critical exponent of 940 centimeters, there is ice flow.

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