Encounters with strangers change destiny


Close contact with UFOs and their pilots are always fraught with danger for human big changes in his life: some die from serious illnesses, others acquire psychic abilities, and new interests in life, and still others suffer from mental trauma and become losers. UFO willy-nilly become the arbiters of human destiny.


A sensational encounter with bad consequences


In October 1973, the U.S., a wave of UFO sightings. Reading the reports in the newspapers, Jeff Greenhow, the sheriff of the city Falkvill (Alabama), only shook his head and grinned sarcastically. He did not believe in flying saucers, and believed that all the hype in the press due to the antics of pranksters or fabrications of people who want to become famous. So when his office phone rang and a male voice faltering with emotion, said that the country has landed flying saucer, Greenhow he decided to deal with this case and bring cheaters to clean water.


Grabbing the camera just in case "Polaroid", the sheriff went to the scene.
Sheriff's car at high speed pereskla city limits and pulled off Falkvilla. He had almost reached the specified witnessed a UFO landing site, but was forced to brake sharply. In the middle of the road stood a strange creature, dressed in a silver suit, his features were hard to see, but the impressive growth (about 2 m 10 cm), strange clothes, long arms, skull structure — all said that before the sheriff is not a joker fancy dress, but a real alien.
Despite the screeching of brakes, humanoid calmly stood on the road, as if blocking the path to the sheriff to his spacecraft. Greenhow carefully looked more closely: nothing resembling a weapon from the stranger was not. Sheriff opened the car door and the "Polaroid" has made four shots humanoid who does not even budge. Not looking at the pictures, Greenhow put them in his pocket, called the stranger introduced himself and told him to lie on the ground, put his hands on his head and spread her legs wide. The stranger did not react to such a formidable order. For the first time in his entire service Greenhow confused. Use weapons sheriff hesitated.
After some thought, he turned on the flashing lights on his car. Flash lights brought an alien state of imperturbable, he turned away from them and ran. Now everything fell into place: at Greenhow was a suspicious character, who ran from the police. Sheriff's car pulled up and ran down the road, the benefit of the stranger ran along her paintings. To the surprise of Jeff, catch up with the humanoid was not easy. Newcomer clearly beat all records and ran at a speed of about 70 km / h When Jeff had to turn on a country road, capture the alien has become even more problematic. Sheriff squeezed everything out of his car to hang out and bouncing over the potholes. In the end, the car skidded and crashed it into a tree. Meanwhile, the fugitive out of sight. Sheriff called for backup, and within an hour of the crumpled car was taken to repair, and Greenhow was taken to the hospital, where his injuries were treated and scratches.
Sheriff's report of the incident caused a stir not only in his native town, but throughout the state. It is possible that Greenhow in Falkville disliked, also made it to the pictures could not see, so from the very beginning to this incident were treated very ironic, and he has undergone numerous attacks Jeff press. You could even say that it was deployed against a certain campaign. "Fans" UFO could not forgive him for what he was chasing a car for their expensive alien visitor, police ranks did not like the hype raised about the police on the dubious about, the wife of Jeff's just come out of themselves when it poked fingers passers-by. Greenhow was all over for quite badly. He was dismissed from work, and his wife divorced him and sued the house. So do not believe then in that encounter with a UFO does not affect the fate.

I saw a UFO and has become a celebrity

If the meeting with an alien for Jeff Greenhow was indeed fatal, then contact Mrs. Elsie Okensen the aliens had for it is quite beneficial effects.
November 22, 1978, this old lady was traveling by car from the A5 in Northamptonshire (England). Elsie suddenly saw a pair of very bright lights over the road. The light was coming from the object strange dumbbell-shaped length of about 18 m with a gray and very smooth surface. He hovered in the 30 meters above the road. Left on a "dumbbell" burning red light right — green. It was impossible to overtake the UFO, and Elsie had to pass under it. "I felt that I should stop — told Elsie known ufologist John Spencer — but on a very busy road and the traffic was dangerous to do it, so I decided to continue the path."
As soon as the car began to move towards a UFO, its lights and light for interior lighting are flashing. Elsie decided to move closer to the curb and go straight under the branches of the trees that were hanging over the road. As soon as she drove under the trees, the car was suddenly in the dark. Elsie did not see any road or structure on the sides of it, nor the trees. In the confusion she was sitting in the car, not knowing what to do. Suddenly the left of the machine appeared glittering ball about a meter in diameter, but it quickly disappeared and it became dark again. Another of the same ball suddenly appeared right in front of the car, went away, came back and began to thrash about in an arc in front of him: the right and the left. Then, a little darkness dissipated, and Elsie saw that the ball has moved to a cottage garden near the road and began to move in an arc in front of a cottage, then right above it. Suddenly everything was plunged again into darkness.
"I was sitting in the car completely mesmerized all this — told Elsie — although at one point it seemed to me that someone is just playing the fool, waving a flashlight shining on the roof of the building. However, I certainly understand that this is not the case, because then the lights should be at least an oval shape — because of the angle of incidence. These lights were perfectly round, no rays of them came from. I was so impressed by it all, that broke down and said aloud: "Lord! '"
After that Elsie has found that around normal lighting, and she is driving at a speed of 60 km / h It was just like before — before meeting with UFOs. It turned out that Okensen drove a considerable distance, is not controlling your car. She still believes that her car ran aliens.
When Elsie finally got home, she went upstairs and looked out the window. She saw a bright flash of light in the place where it happened this strange occurrence. When Okensen looked at her watch, she found that getting to the house half an hour instead of the usual 15 minutes. Elsie suggested that lost 15 minutes when sitting in the car and watched the glittering balls.
However, in this fanciful adventure is not over. Around 7:00 pm Elsie felt her head as if an invisible pulls the hoop. The woman remembered that this feeling she was not long before he met a UFO on the road. Create the impression that someone is invisible scans her brain. This unpleasant feeling lasted about a minute.
After thinking about what had happened, Elsie came to the conclusion that a UFO deliberately chose her, and maybe she was even kidnapped. Confirmation of her story was evidence of four witnesses who that evening had seen a UFO out of their cars with the same lights.
Meeting with the UFO abruptly changed the fate of Elsie. It has become a local celebrity, gave numerous interviews, appeared on radio and television. In the end, she became active in the local UFO group engaged in the research of UFOs, began to participate in various conferences and seminars devoted to this phenomenon. Back in the late 80s found that Okensen has strong psychic abilities. According to Elsie, they, as a parting gift, she was awarded the aliens.

Andrey Sidorenko
Abnormal news 50.2009

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