End of adventure «Skulls of Death»

In the midst of World War II, two-masted schooner was the mysterious central Atlantic, periodically changing the flags of neutral countries. Then, under the cover of night, close to the Mexican coast and landed on an inflatable boat landing of two.

When the boat reached the shore safely, the schooner left in neutral waters and returned after the agreed time, taking place in the conditional mysterious landing. A little later it was found out that out of the vaults of the museum of the city of Veracruz lost crystal skull made, according to some, in the era of the Maya. Because nothing is more precious is lost, the story did not got much publicity.

The history of the famous crystal skull, found in the Yucatan Peninsula. In the 60's of last century, the skull of a detailed study of art F.Dorland. There is evidence that this study was directly related to the information from the archives of the Institute of Himmler "Ahnenerbe", captured by the Americans at the end of the war.

The results obtained so startled Dorlanda that he sought advice from the firm "Hewlett-Packard". In any case he had serious doubts about the date of manufacture by the ancient Maya.

HP employees found that the skull weighs about 5 pounds was made of a single crystal of quartz, which, in principle, it seemed impossible because of the different internal stresses on different crystal axes. Crystal was bound to break down during processing, such as a diamond cutter. The only way of manufacturing — is grinding hard abrasives.

One of the experts in the HP interview expressed his attitude to the skull as follows: "Given the very careful manufacture of optical elements, I see no reason to civilization, able to produce them, not invented the microscope and telescope."

Strange discovery allowed not very known in the scientific community of the American archaeologist Mitchell-Hedges to arrange a grand PR. Even then, some experts expressed doubts about its origin. There are articles that put forward a version that Hedges just bought it in a junk shop and my daughter slipped on the excavation. In response, Hedges found the ancient documents, which claimed that the skull had played an important role in the secret Mayan religious rites, in particular, with his help they could eliminate their enemies at a distance. In different sources, it was called either "Skull of Death" or "Skull of Doom."

His colleague, the English archaeologist M. Ballard, in his publication, Hedges wrote that back in 1896 in Mexico were found two crystal skulls, one of which — "Skull ET" — is now in the British Museum. These skulls are consistent with the Mayan culture, they have no movable jaw and optical filling — it was a clear hint that the skull Hedges — remake. Expressed their skepticism about such a find and geologists — in Mexico, where there are deposits of rock crystal.


Be that as it may, the controversy surrounding the finds penetrated into a wide printing. Richard Garwin someone wrote about "The Skull of Death" a book on the alleged studies conducted by him personally. It turned out that in the darkness around the skull can be seen glowing aura. The skull can emit different sounds — for example, religious choral singing or ringing bells. Around him a strange pleasant aroma, and nearby people fall into a hypnotic state.

In the book "Great mysteries, riddles, sensation" the originator V.Vedeneev imprudent Garvin said of the book in one sentence: "Such statements Garvin were in fact sheer nonsense, designed for avid to any sensations gullible townsfolk." Categorical nature of this statement can be explained very simply: Bedeneev mentions in his article, studies and experts Dorlanda firm "NO." And they are just confirm much of this "nonsense."

In particular, he Dorland wrote: "It is possible to see any items of reality: people's faces, mountains, animals, and the fruits of their imagination in play misty iridescent spots. I have witnessed the effects that this has on the crystal skull impressionable people. At one quickens the pulse and other thirsty or different smells, some sleep. The priests, who skillfully used these effects could really pass for the Almighty. "

Ballard reporters after the article appeared suddenly in the British Museum to take a look at the "Skull ET" and returned with a new sensation: the skull slightly different type, it is made of smoky quartz and has a moving jaw. But most importantly, his jaw and eye sockets have a different, non-human form.

Thus was born a new sensation: the skull is made in Atlantis, he and other skulls were in the Americas, along with survivors of the death of the Atlanteans. Along the way, it turned out that another skull — "max" of pure quartz is in Guatemala.

All these skulls was 12, the number of high priests of Atlantis, and they are used for communication between them. So far, these skulls found in the Americas, only six. There is another skull made of solid amethyst, but it is in Japan.

MESSAGE aliens

Since all of the skull vary in size, color and appearance, modern mystics was even steeper hypothesis: once the Earth was visited by several EC, each of which has left the skull model that contains the record of his knowledge structure and the genetic code of the race . It is assumed that the skull MH Chief combining rest and is "Skull Power." In this case, all the skulls of information related to each other as well as with some still unknown skulls that are beyond the limits of the earth, and are used for communication.

I would remind you that the debate in the media around the skull unfolded in the early 30's of the last century, when the power in Germany, Hitler came. Natural and historical science in Nazi Germany after the expulsion of the "Jewish science" led to Einstein just as much at the level of bullshit, all mystical and occult was very attractive. And if Hitler did his best to get hold of "Spear of Destiny", his right hand — Himmler as stubbornly wanted to get "Skull of Doom." That's why his abduction from the Mexican Museum was organized under the "Ahnenerbe." Other skull: New York and the British were beyond reach.

In a recently published article appeared the end of this story. "In Bavaria, under the roof beams of the old farmhouse, which once lived in a senior SS officer found a crystal skull. As the study said, it was hidden there in 1945, and may have belonged to the chief of the SS Heinrich Himmler. The skull weighs 9 kg, and as the researchers note, most likely, it was in ancient times, the Mayan Indians who lived in what is now Mexico. Along with the skull was found 35 more missing treasures. "

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