End of the world is already happening


Shrimp lovers can already despair. For the shrimp will not. Anyway, if so it goes on — there will be nothing to eat. Absolutely nothing. Even we who are on the other side of the globe …

Here is a current chart. What follows from it? And it follows from the fact that oil is carried off across the Atlantic! Notice the red "loop". This sub-tropical circulation of the Gulf Stream. That is oil, not surfaced up, drag it along the arrows. And by the way, she will float, float and float …




So … What's going on?

Here you can see and visualize, imagine the scale — WHERE THEY spudded! To be honest, I did not imagine — how deeply!


The immediate hole (safety) from which gushes oil at a depth of one and a half kilometers. In principle, this is a little, but to work at such depths is quite difficult. Military submarine at a depth not omitted. Water Pressure — 150 atmospheres.

But the point from which the oil is going to the relief valve is located at a depth of almost 5.5km! The water pressure at that depth of more than 500 atmospheres, i.e. 500 pounds per square centimeter. But the pressure is coming out of oil, about 8 tons per square meter. centimeter! Plug the hole under such pressure by mechanical means possible!

Together with oil and gas from deep under tremendous pressure and at high speed (200 km per hour) is thrown sand — it acts as an abrasive material and grind down the surface of the well — expanding it. The more it expands the more it is released oil (and the sand) and the more extended well — a kind of uncontrolled chain reaction.

Oil temperature of about 400 degrees. In the oil dissolved natural gas, methane. This high-temperature mixture is very fluid. The higher the fluidity and the higher the pressure the more poured oil and the greater the emulsion obtained. The boiling point of water at a depth of one and a half kilometers — about 350 degrees.

The thickness of the oil film in the emulsion 1 micrometer. One cubic oil — about 5 barrels able to cover 1 square kilometer of ocean and stop the evaporation of the water for a considerable time.

Oil rises to a depth of 700 meters and then the lighter fractions float on the depth of 300 meters and the end surface. In the Gulf of very strong currents and oil spreads across the Gulf, and then into the Atlantic.

Much of the oil has not risen to the surface. This means that the effects of the spill (especially climatic) will last for years or decades. Possible to stop the Gulf Stream.

How many oil spills: Bloomberg mentioned two numbers 160 thousand barrels per day and 240 thousand barrels per day. The worst option — 240 thousand barrels per day. During the day, this may well stop the evaporation of water from 50 thousand square kilometers. The spill began on April 20. In the worst case one million square kilometers of ocean will soon be covered by a membrane.

Scientists have found a "cloud of oil" beneath the surface of the water in the Gulf of Mexico. The size of the clouds 16 km long and 5 km wide and 100 meters high, even one that cloud contains a large amount of oil (emulsion — if it was a pure oil that it would be in a cloud of 5 billion tons — more than U.S. reserves — the third oil producer in the world) — much more than spilled from the well by BP claims. That is a catastrophe seems imminent.

BP has refused to track the spot size via satellite and asked the students to volunteer it. Volunteers need to have or buy a Licence to the software for $ 2,000.

At the end of April, BP bought and spent their main stocks of dispersants (toxic and banned in Europe COREXIT 9500). The main producer of COREXIT purchased from the company NALCO, which in turn is owned by Goldman Sachs!

The amount of methane in some areas the bay air suitable for explosive limits. In the case of detonation of several hundred square kilometers — the consequences unimaginable.

According to the Russian scientist, Professor Gregory Ryskin NorthWestern University in the world is on the verge of an irreversible nature, cascading geological Apocalypse that could lead to the extinction of life on Earth for millions of years.

According to Ryskina when oil giant BP has drilled deep into the hole for a few miles in a geologically unstable region and may, therefore, he laid the foundation for the early release of the mega-bubble of methane. At the moment there are no technology to stop this process.

Another planet is not even the Jews of Goldman Sachs. So, of course, looking for a way out of the situation all. Outputs like to see, but all said the preparation of the implementation plan for BP to stop this disaster with nuclear weapons. In the News Salem News, said: "The giant oil company is now quietly preparing to test a nuclear device to quell a cascading catastrophe. While the world watches BP's attempt to contain the oil blowout, company officials have given the green light to the use of so-called nuclear charge EPFCG if all else fail. "

Weather unfortunately disappointing. Even if we manage to move the lower layers of the bottom so as to seal the hole — all the same consequences for the biosphere would be disastrous. Since violations of the ocean biosphere and ending poisonous rains across the planet. Falling in voduh oil of poison to which more will be added, and the radioactivity will spread by atmospheric currents. U.S., agriculture is almost magnus ** p. Other countries also sip the Atlantic basin.

About fishing in the Atlantic have to forget. Changing the evaporation of water and the formation of atmospheric fronts will lead to droughts, hurricanes and flood, both in America and in Europe and Africa. Methane emissions further reinforce the greenhouse effect and changes in the atmosphere. About hunger in that case I really do not say. About the riots and revolutions, about the total destruction of the world economy, about the war of all against all — too.

By and large it's the end of the current civilization is already mired in problems. But it is like still to come, as compared to the option that will not seal the hole.

Then we get the same problem (or steeper scale) plus a possible subsidence of the seabed, the Gulf of Mexico in conjunction with violations of the general geotectonic. Translated into human language, this means the earthquake and tsunami almost wherever possible. And in severe cases we are waiting for further developments and platforms. And there, robyaty, and to shift the poles at hand.

In short dudes, formed the Mayan calendar, were aware about the BP Deep Water's and the platform. They then have realized what the outcome of the arrival of the European scum on the coast of the American continent.

In the meantime, I recommend to all cherished dream. Then do not have to be. Welcome to BP.

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