Entrepreneurs thrown into the street to remember that live in Belarus

On the eve of the new year, Alexander Lukashenko signed a directive number 4 "On the development of entrepreneurship and stimulating business activity." Nine sections of the document contains the requirements for public authorities to improve the conditions of development of small business in Belarus. How to evaluate this initiative entrepreneurs and economists.

In the first paragraphs of the directive refers to the need "to create the conditions for business activities, eliminate unnecessary administrative barriers." Soligorskiy entrepreneur Alexander Tsatsura has faint hopes that the formal abstracts will be filled with practical content:

Alexander Tsatsura

"Our government has always declare full support entrepreneurship. And in fact, things are very different. Pavilion I put out — I do not give two years to open it, and the people — more than a thousand people — without trading places remain.'s So took — and dumped people on the street to remember in Belarus they live. When these points are backed by something true, then it would be a different matter, as well — just empty words. As election. I myself was in the area and saw the brazen ballots in favor of Lukashenko folded. Made the remark — "Do not interfere with work," all. "

Promised directive on improving the development of business owners expect from the authorities for almost a year. But hopes once again failed to materialize, says politician and economist Lev Margolin:

Lev Margolin

"Firstly, the Directive — is a unformatted document that it is generally difficult to assess. Moreover, there are no such major issues, such as private ownership of land, more robust judicial protection of property rights. And without this, all other directions are not very worthy. And secondly, I am afraid that at run much valuable addition to the lost. So I do not lay any great hopes on this directive. "

Directive Alexander Lukashenko on the development of business activity Ming entrepreneur Alexander Taustyka inadequate and calls for practical and legal terms. And here's why:

Ales Taustyka

"From my point of view, this legal document no. Indeed, Lukashenko has not yet taken the oath, and by signing the document, he broke all existing laws and the Constitution. So treat him seriously is not necessary. Secondly, it has not met the expectations of entrepreneurs, since there is no mention of the resolution to hire employees to themselves, says nothing about the lease. But there say nice words about the need to harmonize and bring all the European standards.'m sorry, but if we now see that there is a great tyranny and return to the a lot of steps back and speculate terms such as "harmonious European standards", which are so lacking …. In short, do not believe it. "

Within three months of signing the document the government should develop regulations necessary to implement the directive.

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