Estonians and Latvians invincible armies boasted

Estonians began. Here's what they wrote in the newspaper «Postimees» November 6:

"The Defence Forces of Estonia and Latvia, 20 years ago launched from one band at this time were in a diametrically opposite position. Defence forces are not ready to fight. They can not defend their country, nor to cooperate at the international level. The southern border of Estonia defenseless. "

The Latvian soldier who took part in the exercise "Spring Storm" in Estonia, suitable for field test is not uniform, and the enemy to take them on the fly is not difficult. (Photo: Mihkel Maripuu,

How is that Latvians blunder? Here Estonians — great. Judge for yourself. Their country — the smallest in area in the Baltic. Well, in terms of population as well. But can protect themselves: after all, the Estonians themselves consider it to state, "with the self-defense capability."

"In the euphoria did not fall, but in general, it means that the Estonian army is able to make war and to protect the government. With some change, this can be said about Lithuania, but certainly not about Latvia. "In terms of safety Latvia — nothing," — said the expert international center of defense research Kaarel Kaas. "

Estonians is concerned that in the event of an attack by him would have to defend its southern border — Latvian army, in other words, "empty space", will not help them.

(Another question is, who's from the south through Latvia may circuitous ways to invade the independent Estonia, which are citizens of Minsk and Pskov).

But in confirmation that the Estonian army invincible, above the aforesaid newspaper quoted Karlis Neretnieksa, retired general Swedish army, which has, by the way, the Latvian roots, so do not accuse him of bias.

He took it and studied the defense of the Baltic states — and concluded that Estonia is a cut above the others. Not much of a couple of years, the gap will be even greater. Brilliant.

In another article, penned by Mikk Salu, Army 2-adjacent republics compared in numbers.

If Estonia is now in the ranks of servicemen 5000-6000, and in time of war under the gun can get 30-40 thousand, in Latvia — 1.7 thousand and 12 thousand Estonian Defence Budget 2009-2010 — 565 million euros and Latvians — only 370 million euros. And if valiant Estonians will be a case of what to make war with machine guns, machine guns, mortars, artillery, air defense, anti-tank weapons and sit on armored personnel carriers (maybe even will go), the Latvian soldiers will be able to move around on foot, running or crawling with assault rifles and machine guns. Some lucky ones will get the rare mortars.

From these comparisons dissatisfaction doing nothing Latvians in Estonia is growing. Hence, it would seem absurd statement: "Latvia is a danger to the security of Estonia." So they say in the military and retired Ants Laaneots Leo Kunnas. Either here, say, that of credibility, as the manager of the United educational institutions of the Defence Force, Colonel Aarne Ermus. A few years back he brought in the newspaper «Diplomaatia» comparison of the armed forces of Latvia and Lithuania. Readers were able to enjoy the artistic style of creation: in the event of war army Latvia, he wrote, would be able to guard the rear of the bags of flour.

The failure of Latvia is Mikk Salu admits the idea that in Latvia there is no compulsory military service — there is only prof military, but in Estonia there are conscripts and reservists, and Prof. soldiers. In short, in Estonia has it all. The creator does not forgets to add:

"At the same Estonia Latvia superior in all ways, both quantitatively and qualitatively, we have more fighter and they are better trained and have more equipment and better quality it is."

What are the Latvian tommy?

"Latvian armed forces — is, in fact, just the armed infantry, which means the presence of machines, machine guns and mortars. In Latvia, there is practically no armored personnel carriers, anti-tank, artillery and air defense … Our fighting men moved in armored personnel carriers, and Latvians are running around on his own two ".

General Ants Laaneots also makes fun of Latvians. In his view, perhaps in order to save the Latvians have acquired for their own soldiers' uniforms universal, "from which there is no good:

"Anyone who has been on the teachings of the Estonian Defence Forces" Spring Storm ", where once a year are participating and Latvian units, with our eyes could build that Latvians in their own funny beige mottled uniforms are in sight from afar, and conscripts of the Estonian army can perekolotit Latvian experts like chickens. "

Salu knows what the problem Latvians — the money. The funds have not. Estonia spends on defense by 40-50% over Latvia. But this is only formally. In fact, the Latvians also spend their own military budget is very original. For example, in an article in defense spending just fits a company car for the president. There also may enter and construction of sports grounds. So what? Is it not necessary to pump up muscles warriors?

And the cost of such generals in NATO, we note, are beginning to think: yes, Latvians are spent on defense, it's fine. And look — on the playground, it is not at war. And if you look closely — so there are also some not even citizens. It is better to write one word: non-citizens.

So much so, that in defense spending from its own emboldened postmodernism Latvians security budget included the Bank team Latvia, also waste the company prazdnichkom vocal.

Points NATO people Latvians rubbing and a promise to increment the defense budget to 2%. Certainly, we would add, will contain these funds to build orphanages and cinemas. Very peaceful country that Latvia.

And there is still gone somewhere Latvian military airfield. The plans he had, and in fact it is not.

"Estonia has recently stated that he would like to continue to build and NATO aircraft on our air base in Emary — they might turn stationed in Lithuania and Estonia. According to the plan because of a rebellious Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks — in his view, NATO aircraft could remain exclusively in Lithuania.

Maybe it's just a rumor, but the little two sources say the cause of opposition from the Latvians fear is that Latvian voters are interested, why is NATO jets do not occur in our area, we did not correct.

"In fact, NATO has allocated funds for Latvia, so that they too can build your own airport — said one Estonian bureaucrat. — Why they did not is unknown. "

It is time to have its say Minister of Defence. He said.

Sleep quietly, the brothers-Estonians — about these words Pabriks expressed belief that the southern border of the Estonian country is safe. Regarding the different articles in it «Postimees», it biased an
d turn up the heat. And there is no analysis. And in general — if necessary, the Latvian Defense Ministry will propose «Postimees» more articles about their own army.

Following the defense minister to fellow Estonians addressed president Latvia Andris Berzins and Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis. The President stressed that Latvia has substantiated its defense by participating in the NATO mission in Afghanistan, and said that "in this industry we have everything in order."

A Dombrovskis was critical of the possibilities of Estonians to write analytical articles:

"If a certain newspaper found a 1st professional with such views, is the choice of a particular newspaper. I'm sure you can find other professionals with a more balanced opinion. "

In Latvia, they can find exactly.

November 23 «Postimees» appeared longish article researcher of the Latvian Institute of international relations Raimonds Rublovskisa. He believes that Estonia there is no reason to believe Latvia risk their own safety, because the two republics are in NATO. Latvia only need to increment their defense spending.

Since Latvia has planned their increment — evenly, slowly, by 2020, we would add, how difficult would not.

Approximately Latvian expert thinks so. Why did some Estonian politicians, experts and bureaucrats in the state security experts believe a weak link in Latvia Baltic region and the security of NATO defense? — He asked.

It turns out that his home country lacks not only a means, and political will.

"We can say that the lack of political will to achieve the goal — two percent of GDP on defense spending — is the most serious problem of which affects directly on the internal situation in Latvia, and in particular in the forthcoming development of the Latvian armed forces, as the external relations with the United States , our neighbors and all the North Atlantic Alliance. "

In other words, the big question is whether the plan is executed: the crisis in the country. Even one-the percentage of GDP Latvia pulls hard.

And here is another personnel issue. Where to find good-quality units if their money is not enough? All true master resigned in 2008.

Vpribavok, according to the article Rublovskisa, unsweetened live in Latvia:

"And if you take into account the current difficulties with the population of Latvia, including emigration, which, as before, at the highest level, it's hard to believe that the armed forces are able to keep in service a sufficient number of educated and trust the people."

International military operations — is also the problem for Latvia. If there is no money, not enough people — what really is the operation?

Expert offers Latvian armed forces to find a suitable method of roles in multinational operations. For some reason it shows on the period after 2014, when NATO graduate from the goal in Afghanistan. Perhaps that is why he brings this date, that after the blow job in 2014, the Latvians could do, say, heroic information processing in the offices.

As for the small number of Latvian troops, it is not a failure, says the analyst. Now after fighting a war is not the number and skill.

"In the XXI century, there is no need to bolshennom number of military as well as in ensuring the safety of all the more important is the technical equipment that asks well-educated and target people that are simply unable to offer the draft system."

All right. Yes, but most of these targeted people just not in the army of Latvia, as previously said he Rublovskis. There were, yes gone in 2008. Left alone demotivated — and no small number of skills.

There seems to be an expert he has put himself into a dead end.

He had to continue to speculate on what the army in Finland, and it has had an impact on the Estonian army, and that itself is something Estonia, incidentally, seems to be its own army or boasted, still needs "a collective security and defense, which offer NATO and strategic partnership with the United States. "

After talking about the concept of "smart defense" and hinting at "for historical and geographical reasons," Rublovskis urged Estonia to produce "close cooperation" and why the "stop-reaching debate in the country."

Well, let's collaborate, and that fellow over there Lukashenko himself dictator of days recognized

Surveyed and commented Oleg Chuvakin
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