EU ambassadors met with the wives of prisoners KGB

The meeting was held at the Embassy of Hungary. Ambassador of that country Ferents Contra promised January 5 to extend the application on behalf of the EU ambassadors to demand the release of prisoners of the KGB.

Olga Neklyaeva (The wife of presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva) andOlga Bondarenko (Dmitry Bondarenko's wife) was represented at this meeting the Committee of Relatives of political prisoners "Liberation". The meeting was also attended by the Chairman of the Board of the Belarusian intelligentsia Vladimir Kolos, Head of the Minsk branch of the BPF Ivashkevich and chairman of the legal committee of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Harry Pahanyaila.

According to the website of "Charter 97", Olga Neklyaeva ambassadors recalled that the protest against the fraudulent election was peaceful, and her husband was beaten by security officers before the end of voting. Nekljaev was kidnapped from the hospital in critical condition and placed in the KGB detention center. His health is alarming, threatened the life of Vladimir Nekleva,

Vladimir Kolos said that the Belarusian authorities will try to use the prisoners as hostages and would trade them for easing the pressure of Europe.

Vladimir Kolos told Radio Liberty, the following:

"We talked about the situation, which, in principle, representatives of European diplomatic missions already knew. But it was interesting to learn about it first hand from those affected by these events, and to listen to our position. We know that Europe is now erected a wave of solidarity , defines the requirements sentences. But we would like to this was done taking into account the position of the representatives of the Belarusian society.

At the meeting, almost all of the ambassadors of the European Union. They said that the recent events in Belarus and care about them personally, and the leadership of the European countries, and assured us that they believe these events are very dangerous, and we have expressed our solidarity. They also explained that the lack of apparent over-activity of the EU embassies in Belarus does not mean that such activity will not be at the level of the leaders of these countries. Simply manifestation of such activity until impractical due to "respect" the rule of law by the Belarusian leadership. "


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