Every tenth child hears the voices of the non-existent


The staff at University Medical Center in Groningen (the Netherlands) found that one in ten children under the age of seven or eight years non-existent voices heard.

In this case, most of the children said that the voice did not bother them, then there is no impact on the daily life. Only 15% of the 3,870 students surveyed told that they experience because of this serious problem, while 19% said they would vote prevent them think. The number of boys and girls who reported auditory hallucinations, was almost the same, but girls often feel anxiety and fear because of the non-existent voices. It is curious that with auditory hallucinations often face young people in rural areas, but urban voices deliver more trouble.
According to the researchers, over time, in most cases, auditory hallucinations in children are on their own, so parents should not worry. Now Dutch scientists are conducting a new five-year study, which aims — to find out how the auditory hallucinations, and how they affect the behavior of children.
According to statistics, up to 16% of mentally healthy children and teens may hear voices. And while this may indicate an increased risk of mental illness, including schizophrenia, the vast majority of young people who face a child with such a phenomenon, never become insane.

Text: Elvira Koshkin

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