Expert: The Future of Europe — for Belarus

RIGA, February 18. The future of Europe — for the states with strong national ideas, such as Belarus. This opinion, reports, stated by the president of the Latvian Law Society Ivar Borovkov.

When will the collapse of the European Union and how difficult the process will be difficult to predict. "But at a time when the EU is falling apart, Belarus will be stable and strong country with a strong nation. There, the national idea is very solid, "- said in an interview Borovkov Neatkar? G?.

In his view, the attempt to "round up all in one big herd" — the European Union and the trans-structure — has no future.

"In the world there is a new class, which in the last decade was almost uncontrollable possibilities. The bourgeoisie or the power of the bureaucracy, which concentrates in the hands of more and more power, values and strength to support themselves, "- said Borovkov.

No political views do not have a so-called Latvia's political elite. "This economic groups that the sports passion involved in the online show and compete for the team against a team place and power" — says Borovkov.


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