Fairy tales and myths come from real events

Many people are not aware of the fact that sometimes the basis of fairy tales and myths have been put place in the reality of the event. In the beginning, there was Troy, then there was the tale of Troy and the Trojan War, then, as described in the ancient legend of the events were forgotten and acquired the status of fantastic speculation. Heinrich Schliemann found the physical evidence of the existence of Troy, proving that the myth of the city is based on real events. Troy and the Trojan War of ghostly chimeras generated by imagination of the ancient Greeks turned to historical fact.

The Tale of the Little Red Riding Hood is also due to the research of anthropologists moved from the host of fantasies in a number of descriptions of events in reality. According to the latest research of anthropologists, the tale of Little Red Riding Hood was formed on the basis of a medieval scene, which was associated with a serial killer. Legend is about Vasilisa the Wise and Koshchei reflects in people's memories of events that occurred during the reign of Ivan the Terrible.

From these facts, we can draw a conclusion regarding the fact that all the ancient myths and legends are based on incidents occurring in reality.

Some surprise at reasonable person will the fact that the mention of the legendary animals and their descriptions can also be counted among the legends that reflect reality.

Currently, there are several versions, is offered the public an explanation regarding the reality of the ancient unicorns, dragons, sphinxes and other chimeras.

According to the first version, the people, describing such a fabulous animal, resorted to the personification of the elements and natural phenomena. Legendary animals and creatures with an unusual look and exciting features that were first forerunners of the gods, and then the archaic survivals of primitive thinking.

The second version attributes the men of old inquisitive mind and imagination, who helped complete the picture of the world. According to this, people do not know what animals live on different continents, on how to develop a butterfly from larva into an adult, about which in fact belongs to the animal washed up river from the coast mammoth skeleton, trying to supplement their knowledge with fantasies.

The third version of the explanation of the origin of the legendary images of animals is based on the assumption that all of the most unusual and fantastic creatures lived in this world, in fact, people may downplay or exaggerate the features of their appearance. This version is amazing and makes you think about how nature could create creatures like the unicorn or a centaur. While proponents of this hypothesis, the question of the existence unanimously adhere legendary creatures in reality, when the question of the how nature could create such beings, they are divided.

The first group of supporters of the existence of the legendary creatures of the opinion that such creatures could be guests of parallel worlds or the indigenous people of this world, who left him years ago. The second group of supporters of thought holds that the legendary creatures were natural products of evolution, and died during a succession of ice ages. The representatives of the third group believes in statements about what sphinxes and centaurs were the people, change your look with the help of genetic engineering, and enhance their capabilities through technical devices. They believe that in ancient times the Earth had a highly developed civilization, the victims of the strong natural disaster. Centaurs, sphinxes, the Nagas were only representatives of this highly advanced civilization, and people just kept in their memories cases of contact with their ancestors, survivors of the world catastrophe.

The notion that the legend of Leviathan came after a meeting with the whale, and the basis of the image served as a unicorn look narwhal, relevant expertise and technical capabilities, which are used by people at the moment. However, if the Neanderthal saw modern rail or plane, it would have created the legend of iron roaring snake and a huge iron bird. The assumption that the legendary creature really existed and were members of a highly human civilization, may be true. Perhaps, with the growth of scientific achievements in hundreds of years in human cities will again roam the people in the form of sphinxes, children will ride in the park at the unicorn, and the house will be guarded by robots with the appearance of the legendary Cerberus. But, if we assume the possibility of interpreting the ancient legends in this style, there is a question as to what exactly caused the crash last this civilization? And will there not a similar event before people reach the level of development of a similar level of development described by the creators of this hypothesis of civilization?

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