Fears are unfounded: the men will not die


Good news from scientists all fears that the Y-chromosome, which determines male sex of the child, has been steadily declining, was not confirmed. On the contrary, it is growing more rapidly than the rest of the human genome.

About five years ago, the most egregious feminists are rubbing their hands: male chromosome is reduced by 25 million years, men will become extinct as a species. And women will be able to breed survived thanks to science tricks. But this is far from happy about the prospect of all, and not only men but also women.

The scientific team led by Jennifer Hughes and David Page's Institute of Biomedical Studies. Whitehead (USA) completed the decoding of the Y-chromosome, which took almost 13 years, although it is one of the shortest. The reason — the peculiarities of its structure: in the male chromosome was a lot of palindromes, that is, sites that reads the same forward and backward, like the words Cossack hut rotator etc. Computers could not cope with these mysterious cipher, had to do it "by hand."
Then the scientists compared the human chromosome with a chimpanzee, and found that the differences between them make up almost 30%, while the rest of the genome of humans and these apes differ by no more than 1%. Hence, this part of the genome in humans and chimpanzees for the 6 million years after the separation of species evolved much faster than the rest.

This does not mean that men are evolving faster than women, but specifies that they are making a significant contribution to the evolution of humans as a species. So feminists have to accept: the men will not go away. Faster, apparently disappear feminism. As a species.

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