Federation Council will protect the bill on waste from lobbying

The Council of the Federation in 2013, the bill will ensure that the treatment of waste and would oppose any "lobbying efforts", stated by Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko.

In October 2011, the State Duma adopted in the first reading amendments to the law "On Production and Consumption", aimed at reducing the economic incentives for production of waste and the development of processing industry, as well as reducing the impact on the environment during disposal of waste. The bill has caused debate in the business environment.

"It is important that in the Year of Environment Finally, this law would have been accepted and have been rejected by all the lobbying and other efforts, including dishonorable business that wants to make the law is not in the public interest and in the interest of certain sections of the business "- said Matvienko ceremony on the sidelines of the festival" Golden Turtle ".

According to her, the Federation Council, together with the Ministry will try to prepare a law that "will move the topic off the ground" and will help solve a critical problem for Russia to waste management.

According to the plan for the Year of Environment in Russia, Ministry of Natural Resources in 2013, should provide support of the bill during its consideration and adoption.

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