Feng Shui can help in your personal life


Many women today are looking for decent men, but did not find his own truth mate. It was found that the technique of Feng Shui helps not only in money but in love affairs. It is important to know a few simple rules.

Here are tips Feng Shui to help many women find the man of her dreams.

1. Do not surround yourself with paintings or photographs, where you are shown alone.
Find pictures of happy couples. This will help you to become more open to romantic feelings.

2. Get rid of chairs and organize a cozy place on the couch with lots of pillows and a soft blanket.

3. Remove the TV from the bedroom. Better before going to bed to read romance novels or listen to romantic music.

4. Carefully approach the choice of color linen for the bedroom. It
Bedding should be soft shades. Must be present small pads.

5. Keep extra towel in the bathroom, and buy another toothbrush. This will show that you are willing to share their personal space with a man.

6. The bed in the bedroom to stand so that it could
approached from either side.

7. Use input door as a starting point, easily visible from your house. Your guest should first see a nice soft light and cozy atmosphere …

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