Fish kill in Peru

Fish kill in PeruThe protest residents of small villages in the bay Cruz province Sorritos (Peru), prevented the return of tens of vehicles of Ecuadorian tourists, who left for the weekend and public holidays on Peruvian beaches Sorritos, Mancora and Puerto Pizarro.

According to tentative data, from Monday evening to Tuesday afternoon about 1,500 travelers from Ecuador were not able to return home and were forced to seek accommodations by paying USD 20 per room, or get to sleep in their cars in anticipation of the opening of the road.

Peruvian fishermen protesting this way against ocean pollution in the bay area Cruz, which has already led to massive fish kills. Tuesday morning, a group of police and military cleared the way, the demonstrators dispersed, while the bombs were used tear gas. At about seven o'clock in the direction of movement in Ecuador has been restored.

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