Flooding in Nicaragua

May 28. Because of the heavy rains that came from the North Pacific Ocean, in the Central American country of Nicaragua flooding occurred. In nine of the 153 municipalities in the country, including two autonomous regions in the Caribbean, damaged 800 houses, the total number of victims exceeds 4400 people. All at risk, consisting of 1,475 potential hot-spots are at least 709,000 residents. Evacuated to 12 shelters prepared exposed 1,400 people. Reported flooding of local roads.

According to some data, from the weather killed eight people. Six casualties of the northern province of Matagalpa were picked up by a powerful water stream pouring out floods of El Caño, trying to go to. Two others drowned in the lake Holotlan in the capital city of Managua. They were fishermen, unable to cope with gusty winds at a speed of 40 km / h, which was accompanied by a wall of rain.

Estimated to meteorologists, a few days of the second half of May in Nicaragua fell rainfall, surpassing the historical norm. For a day in Leon dropped 215 mm of rain, 187 mm and 155 mm Chinandega in Jinotega. Heavy rainfall likely will last through June and early July capture. In August the west of the country is waiting for a new shock in the form of drought.

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