Floods continue to repair damage around the world

Floods continue to repair the damage to millions around the world. So, in the south-east Avstraliidesyatki thousands of people homeless, and in Ecuador, 20 people were killed in a powerful stream of water.

In the south-east Australia streams of water and mud washed everything in its path, and the water level in the rivers rose up to 11 meters. According to local media, emergency services warned people whose homes are in the area of flooding, so they left the house. More than 25,000 people in this region of Australia were left homeless.

Flooding in several provinces of Ecuador have killed at least 20 people, another 65 people received injuries of varying severity.

More than 160 houses have been destroyed by flood waters, about three thousand people were evacuated and housed in special shelters for the victims.

Several regions of Peru also suffered severe flooding. More than 450 homes destroyed and dozens of bridges and national highways are blocked. According to meteorologists, the rains will continue until the end of this week.


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