Floods in Brazil denied shelter 12 thousand people

In the north-western Brazilian state of Acre declared a state of emergency. The floods hit it 134 thousand people — every seventh citizen of the state. Recall that Acre is located in the Amazon Basin. How to tell the local authorities, currently in shelters remain 11.7 thousand people homeless, according to ITAR-TASS.

The main brunt of the disaster was in the administrative center of the city of Rio Branco. The water level in the river Acre, which is located on the banks of the settlement, has grown by almost 18 meters. Under the water were even traditionally safe areas of the city. According to hydrologists, it comes to the severe floods in decades. Change for the better is not worth waiting for, say meteorologists.

Meanwhile, reports bigmir) net, in the south of the Odessa region, after a sharp warming and the melting snow in the fields began flooding communities in Izmail district. Rescuers do not exclude floods in Rivne, Volyn and Chernihiv region.

In addition, says ITRC "world" in Azerbaijan built new waterworks to flood protection. One is located in the center of the country, at the junction of the rivers Kur and Araz. It was there two years ago, spring floods destroyed villages and destroyed thousands of hectares of farmland.

"New hydro completely solve the problem of floods, which seasonally facing the region along the coast of the Kura and Araz. This structure consists of 16 vodopropuskayuschih door width of 5 meters," — said the chief expert of the Magomed Mamedov.


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