Floods in Thailand have killed 661

The death toll from flooding in Thailand has reached 661, three more are missing. This was reported today in the Office for the Prevention of floods kingdom, ITAR-TASS reported.

Flooded are still in Bangkok and surrounding provinces in the central part of the country and the provinces of the south. Directly affected by the floods is currently about 5 million people living in 14 of the 76 provinces of Thailand.

The total damage from the catastrophic floods in Thailand may reach 1.36 trillion baht (more than 43 billion dollars). This is the assessment of damages given World Bank expert on Thailand Kirida Bhaopichitr. 94% loss in the private sector and only 6% — in the state.

This year, because of catastrophic loss caused by the elements, growth in gross domestic product in Thailand at 2.4% instead of the previously projected 3.6. However, Bhaopichitr noted, in 2012, GDP growth in the Kingdom will increase and will be at least 4%.

This is caused by the fact that Thailand would have to do a tremendous job of restoring the destroyed buildings, infrastructure, and to provide a great deal on the rehabilitation industry.

Bhaopichitr also indicated that Thailand will need at least 755 billion baht (24.3 billion dollars) to finance reconstruction after the floods, and create a more sustainable economic disruptions. 510.1 billion baht will have to look to private companies. With state recovery costs will be at least 235 billion baht, said the expert.

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