Flying over the Cuckoo 's Nest in Belarusian

We are the society, those who spent their "day" for "participating in an unsanctioned event", now commonly referred to as heroes. This, of course, mellifluous, but I have to recuse himself. Without false modesty. Just the title of hero I do not by rank. Today I feel humiliated and intimidated by the man in the street. Who could not do anything if a werewolf in uniform strangled his wife and the other threatened her deprivation of parental rights. When his best friend, a disabled I-th group, who through a tragic set of circumstances of all donated by the nature of limbs remained in its original form only one leg, knocked to the ground and dragged dragged into the bus. When his son rastavkli nose. When his eyes boldly commit iniquity over tens or hundreds of innocent people.

Babbitt, who allowed without a fight and forcibly grab hold yourself together with your loved ones in front of the church Archicathedral behalf of the Blessed Virgin Mary of people in black uniform similar to amonovskie, unmarked in black helmets and black masks underneath. After dutifully obeyed the orders fake policemen, none of which are presented and did not have the proper badges with the name. Allowed himself to condemn the court in the face of fake city Yuferytsyna for a laugh dressed in a judge's robe classic design, based on the testimony of some nameless (!) "Policeman". Without a lawyer and witnesses, with no attempt to clarify the circumstances of the case, with an open padtasovvannem his own testimony, the ignoring of "mitigating circumstances" in sentencing (lack of administrative violations in the last year and two minor children). Finally allowed to throw himself in prison, without expressing an active protest against the obvious injustice.

Babbitt, who, after all, happened, experiencing mixed emotions, a mixture of fear and hatred, which is dominated by fear, and not the desire to enter into a permanent ruthless struggle for justice in their country. Budimir in me gave way to Dmitry, individual woven of human weakness, constrained by human affection, is far from perfect and fearless. And this vzdrygvaetstsa Dmitry nervously at every unexpected call to the door, afraid to let his wife to the store with horror waits for the school holidays, when the child would have to go to school …

More precisely, these two faces are fighting me. Budimir looks at Dmitri, as the hero of the novel by American author Ken Kesey's "One Flew Over the Cuckoo 's Nest» Indian Bromden watched rebel McMurphy, when that was brought to the House in a helpless, "vegetable "will be after labatamii. McMurphy gave hope was mutilated and enslaved patient psychiatric hospital for salvation, and taught them by example to be free and brave, sacrificing their health and safety. It seemed that he did not break it again and again to engage in risky fights with staff asylums, went under the unit for electroconvulsive therapy with the same jokes and rhymes. But in the end was crushed and elegantly blurred repressive machine. By severe physical violence transformed into a half-dead futility, condemned to lead a miserable life, serving as a terrifying warning to other patients. That is why the Indian Bromden makes the difficult decision to kill McMurphy, because it really is not, and fake, "empty thing", "stupid doll with a fairground booth." Manufactured and put on display in order to demoralize and intimidate.

Initially, all patients were laughing together over that "doll" and the stupidity of its creators, who spend their manilisya on chaff, but after a while, looking closely at her secretly, found more similarities with the original …

"I was watching them and trying to figure out how he would have done in my place. One thing I know firmly, he would not have admitted to something strapped to name twenty or thirty years, was sitting in the day room and sister would show: so it will be with anyone who goes against the system. I know it's hard … "

McMurphy strangled pillow Bromden did what once could not make his idol and teacher — pulled out of the floor console dvuhsotkilyagramovy distribution of cement and steel, struck it and broke a window to freedom. What brought an end to the dictatorship of fear in a given psychiatric ward. All patients that have every right to leave the hospital on their own, but to still do not use it, because they were convinced of head offices in their helplessness, frightened and enslaved her, in turn, went to an independent life. More dangerous than in the hospital under close supervision of personnel, and much less predictable, but it's a full-fledged.

I need it. All of you have seen "dolls from fairground booth," in which someone made those yesterday "troublemakers." Although not the most passionary and uncompromising, from not easier. The spectacle of public samaprynizhennya and timid like a betrayal of former smelchakov who challenged the dictatorship of doing their job — spreading fear in the community vibe. The very task performed violent arrest bystanders December 19 (in my experience, among those detained were bystanders at least half, if not the most) — sow in a society almost forgotten irrational fear of authority. I've seen the unpleasant manifestations of this sticky fear that people twisting, turning them into quivering creature at the police station, in court, in prison. In the end I gave in to him and he …

Nevertheless, Budimir, who still lives in me, insistently repeats that one alternative: either to move towards increasing our own fear, overcoming it, or become a happy nerd with closed eyes, closed ears and lips, a slave who believes his slavery decent quality.

And more. I know exactly what I hated to be — that my children have grown up in bondage of fear. It is hardly possible to achieve the path of least resistance, just having left the country with more favorable conditions (such thoughts, I confess, I have visited). So I'm staying.

This was the prelude to a report on how I spent the last ten days of December of 2010, which, God willing, there will be early next year.

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