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What are the causes and potential consequences of recent dramatic events in Belarus? On the issue of "Freedom" meet the well-known public figures, the moral authority of the Belarusian society.

Valentin Akudovich

Morozov: We unconsciously moved to another state

Akudovich philosopher Valentin said the events of December 19 still need time to reflect on their conceptual:

"After all, as long as the emotions, emotions and feelings. And they can not be adslanitstsa. After all the feelings that we experience (resentment, injustice, humiliation, a weave of others) — this is as true as the actual event. And perhaps even more to the right. And the fact that the events of December 19 and gave birth to a profound shift in the direction of the negativity that feeling when you can so to speak, indicates that they basically were, apparent, injustice and the easily offended. With this and all the weaving, the entire spectrum of our negative emotions. "

Philosopher Akudovich states: events of December 19 are convinced that in the years that passed from the previous presidential election in Belarus society something has changed:

"Even then, how deep it is going through all that hurt and lying on December 19, says something significant. I do not remember so well, so in solidarity, so overcome with fear, all sorts of people came out in defense of the truth against the offense. It gives me optimism, no matter how the events unfolded.

This means that we unconsciously moved to another state. Of course, not all, not all of Belarus. But this is a significant shift. In the better. "


Milinkevich: 19 December threw Belarus 10 years ago

The leader of the movement "For Freedom" movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich regrets that the unwarranted actions of the Belarusian authorities to pose a barrier to the country on its path to the European community:

"I think what happened December 19, throws us back 10 years in our chances to return to the European family, the European civilization. I think these events are a provocation. There was no intent in opposition to radical actions.

The authorities feared even a small liberalization. By the way, no one would believe that the government would be so easy to walk to democracy. This is the authoritarian, hard power. And it can only take steps to enforce the freedom of society. "

Milinkevich said: Now the most important thing — solidarity:

"I truly believe that only solidarity here in the country, as well as solidarity with the democratic countries we can save possible new political prisoners. Again, give us a chance to live in freedom. "

Alexander Yarashuk

Yarashuk: born Belarusian resistance

Chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk sure: the events on December 19 clearly showed that the examination for the liberalization and democratization of the Belarusian regime is not passed:

"The power of again emphasized its anti-democratic nature of all the circumstances that follow from this. But I believe that on December 20 the Belarusian people woke up in another country. And not only from the point of view of the fact that power cleans and democratic space in the asphalt vkachvae all opposition. I assume that the birth of a new quality in the Belarusian society. From my point of view, this quality can be called in one word — resistance. Resistance was born, and it will deepen. Because the vast majority of people, in my opinion, came to the area is not at the call of the presidential candidates. And because the head of the country's already got them. And those who do come to the area. And those who are experiencing pain for what happened there. And will be formed and deepened the Belarusian resistance, which in the end and solve the problem of power. "



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