Forum Friends: WEEK memory of ancestors

In memory of those who died were assigned a week — Week of the memory of ancestors. Therefore, we have after Christmas Carols in a while there comes the memory of ancestors Week — 9 days commemorates all his ancestors, all their ancestors. But while people celebrated that met the living and the feasts celebrated by ancestors murdered and missing that those who did not return, and in general for all of your ancestors, Perun at the time what he was doing? And he went all this undead evil forces destroyed. Menard ie hence the word: MENA. Description of the service itself — Carols Worship or Kolyada, or Christmas carols. Notice God — Kolyada a male structure. But on this day, in ancient times it was believed that he and the wedding took place. So many and turned to his wife — Kolyadochke, the female incarnation Carols.

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