Freedom poet Nyaklyaeu!


Most importantly, under pressure from the public, lawyers and relatives, we learned that the poet lived. Plans gebist beguiled. It is clear to everyone. (Chuck was angry and focus was not successful.)

And now, in fact. Relatives Neklyaeva, the Union of Writers, the PEN Center would have to apply to the Attorney General's Office to open a criminal investigation into an armed attack on the poet and presidential candidate Neklyaeva to murder, as strikes in vital organs, and after, as Nekljaev lost consciousness, the attackers fled.

Criminal proceedings should be instituted as the kidnapping of a wounded poet Neklyaeva with hospital emergency ambulance group of unidentified persons.

According to the first position is already known (in including and Alexander Lukashenko of speech) that the attack on the poet and presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva performing public spetsgrupa "Almaz". Assault and attempted murder took place in 19 hours and 25 minutes on December 19 (half an hour before the end of voting) in the presence of representatives of the police traffic police.

The attackers did not act as representatives of the state authorities, did not produce the documents on the arrest, did not seek to detain the victim, and after drawing his deadly dangerous attacks left the scene of the crime.

A similar pattern of behavior attackers and recorded during the abduction Neklyaeva from the hospital (about one in the morning of the 20th of December). Consequence of the prosecutor's office has to figure out how Nekljaev found in the KGB prison without evidence of legal grounds for his incarceration.

Criminal charges should be brought as duty doctor and nurse hospital emergency ambulance for aiding and abetting the crime and collusion with the kidnappers Neklyaeva.

We must put an end to the power of banditry in Belarus. Statement of the Attorney General should submit yesterday. Should not be given time to recover perpetrator. They have a whole week playing for time, forged (presumably) the documents and frantically looking for a way how to get out of what they had done, for they knew that Nekljaev not alone. Behind him — all of Belarus and whole world. And the world is watching.

To be honest, I do not hope for any PEN or the Writers' Union, and I do not know what they are capable relatives. In the prosecutor's office may then ask yourself Nekljaev. It's not just a matter of honor. It has become a thing of the nation.

It is clear that those who have committed crimes, they know what to expect, and will come up with all sorts of Prohibited methods to delay Neklyaeva in prison and further destroy his health. But people have seen these dark lords in daylight.

Nekljaev should be free. To raise our voice. Immediately let go of the poet

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