From Earth, the magnetic field may disappear


At any time a change might occur earth pole with predict this process can only 10-20 years

A more long-term and accurate prediction is impossible, said French researchers from the University of Paris VII Denis Diderot name.

According to them, the inversion of the magnetic poles of the Earth have repeatedly occurred in the past. This is followed by a brief disappearance of the magnetosphere. For the Earth's biosphere, this process will lead to a thinning of the ozone layer and the disappearance of protection from the solar wind and cosmic radiation. Provided that the "reversal" will end soon, life on the planet can be saved. But if the land will be left without a magnetic field at least for a couple of years — it will lead to the death of all living things, writes

Now the magnetic field of the earth is falling. Only in the last 22 years the magnetic field of the earth weakened by 1.7%. In some parts of the Atlantic Ocean, it has weakened by 10% in some regions has intensified.

Last displacement of the magnetic poles of the Earth was recorded in 1885. Then the south magnetic pole shifted by 900 kilometers in the Indian Ocean and the North Magnetic Pole — in the direction of the East Siberian magnetic anomaly.

To date, the drift velocity of the poles is about 60 kilometers per year.

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