General cleaning of Feng Shui


Do you want to achieve success in their personal lives and at work? Place your order in the apartment and in the workplace, it is advised Ecopsychology. The fact is that "physical dirt" and "blockages" cause stagnation of energy — the life-giving force, helping you to achieve success and live simply in full force.


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With the "physical dirt" all clear — the dust, debris, mold, etc. But the "debris" will require a more complete classification:

* Things that you do not use or do not like, in contrast to the popular and useful items are not charged with positive energy. Therefore, out of sight broken receivers, figurines and gifts, reminiscent of the people with whom you have a strained relationship. If the apartment is accumulated a lot of books that you'll never have to re-read, it can affect your ability to generate new ideas. Accumulated in the loft / attic things can limit your aspirations and opportunities. The energy emanating from the room littered with trash, can adversely affect the aspect of life with which it is associated.

* Chaos in the apartment (litter, unwashed dishes) is equal to the chaos in your head. That's why when we want to get rid of unpleasant thoughts, we have a need to clean up the apartment. The main entrance reflects your view of the world. Trash in the hallways and passageways prevents the passage of vital energy through your home. Do not forget the desktop, the order in which promotes insight and respectability in their work.

* Left unfinished business and things in the house symbolize the unfinished business in life. The larger the scale of unfinished work, the more difficult to manage your life. This weakens the energy level and prevents moving forward. So to finish, finally, repair, return the debt, do promise to answer the letters, allow disputes with friends.

To blockages have not appeared again

1. Think carefully before you make a purchase, decide why you need this thing and where it will be stored. If there was any doubt, please refrain from the purchase.
2. Dispose of garbage every day.
3. Remember the basic rule of feng shui: "Before coming something new, something old has to go."

The boundaries of what is permitted

Demolish walls or leave? The answer as always is the same: what you want for you? Depending on your character try to trim public or vice versa closed type interiors.
Interior closed with a clear, fixed by dividing the apartment for a few isolated rooms for those who seek solitude, avoids noisy companies.
People who like to be in the spotlight, will be more comfortable in an apartment with a minimum of walls, where all like "for show." However, open and closed space suit man, if he wants a little liberated.
Details preferable monotony. At the complex, detailed images you want to delay a look. Subconsciously, people like "solve the puzzle", we get the satisfaction of getting to the essence. But beware of the situation "design for design": each piece had to be used with the meaning — interesting, but meaningless trinkets just disappointing. Focus on those common patterns that nature gives us: it's beautiful, because most functional, it's functional, so beautiful.

All the colors of the rainbow

The famous psychologist and theorist Max Lüscher color opened the combinations that can strengthen our negative state:
* Blue + yellow — a sense depending on the environment and others;
* Blue + brown — anxiety provoking fear of being alone;
* Blue + Black provokes depression, negative state, dissatisfaction with himself and the situation;
* Gray + black will transmit a sense of resentment and even anger, to encourage them to "drop in morale";
* Black + Red symbolizes anger and depresses the mind.

Love Carrots

So as not to take a moment and find out what ecopsychological "gadgets" can contribute to the establishment of private life. Feng Shui experts say, "Show me where you're sleeping, and I can tell you what your love life!"
In order to understand the condition of your personal life, answer a few simple questions.
1.Naskolko inviting your bed? If it is not very unsightly and loving relationship that is likely to be in the same condition.
2. Is there a place in your bed for a prospective partner or just for you? "Passage" is open bed or pressed against one side of the wall?
3. "Appetizing" to color your bed sheets?
Feng Shui experts recommend replacing bed if you just broke up violently and unpleasantly with their partner. If this is not possible, at least change the mattress. And in any case, do not store trash under the bed. What else contributes to your loving happiness? For example, a pair of figures or pictures on the walls of happy couples.

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