Geophysicists have discovered in the Pacific Ocean 50-kilometer crater

Geophysics at the Australian National Institute using seismic methods found under the bottom of the Pacific m / s from the island of Timor and Australia, the 50-kilometer meteorite crater caused as a result of the fall of the universal objects of about 35 million years backwards, it says in the book, located in the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences.

One of the authors, geologist Dariusz Jablonski (Dariusz Jablonski) conducted searches at the seismic oil exploration platform Ashmore and found traces of the possible presence of a layer of sediment impact structures — the dome-shaped "bulge" layers of rock that arose because of rising from the depth of the molten at asteroid impact components.

Dr Andrew Glikson (Andrew Glikson) request copies Jablonski has explored rock priobrentennyh during well drilling Mount Ashmore-1b. Their study showed signs of impact: grains were found with a history of melting and crystallization of a new, though not volcanic in origin. Moreover, the region has been found magnetic and gravity anomaly.

"The size of your Mount Ashmore dome, which gives him an elastic crust bulge that emerged as a result of stroke, is at its base 50 km, although the total amount of vents (on the outside), which has not been determined, it may be more serious," — emphasizes Glikson, the words of which can cause information service institution.

Authors point out that the stage a meteorite crater spawned Ashmore, was a time of heavy bombardment, which has played an important role in the sharp drop in global temperature.

"At about the same time as the shock structure of the Mount Ashmore, a 100-kilometer crater Popigai originated in Siberia, and the mouth of the 85 km in diameter appeared in Chezapikskom Gulf off the coast of Virginia in the United States. At the same time formed a field of tektites — molten rock droplets — in the north-in. America. This indicates a large number of attacks, which has undergone at that stage the entire planet, "- said Glikson.

The assurances of the scientist, the meteorite bombardment happened about a million years before the Drake Passage originated m / y Yu Antarctica and America. Achieving the Drake Passage led to the current range of the Antarctic continent, isolated Antarctica, and the appearance and growth of a massive glacier, which is still working as a planetary thermostat.

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