Germany is on the side of those who want freedom and democracy in Belarus

In an interview with the Sunday edition of the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine (Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung — FAS) said leading German politicians and government officials.

According to the head of the German Foreign Office Guido Westerwelle, the federal government of his country will not suffer fake elections in Belarus.

Minister Guido Westerwelle said:

"We will ensure that the EU has given a clear political response to the fraud during the elections in Belarus. Responsible persons and Lukashenko personally have to understand that the suppression of freedom is not acceptable."

According to FAS, to achieve a strong reaction from the EU will be in Berlin, together with the Polish government.

"Germany is on the side of those who fight for freedom and democracy in Belarus", — said the representative of the Chancellor Angela Merkel Shtefen Zaybert. "The brutality with which Lukashenko crushed opposition protests, indicating gross violation of all state legal frameworks.

According Zayberta, the requirement of his country as transparent "political prisoners be released. "

Head Office Federal Chancellor Ronald Pofalla, in turn, informed the FAS, on the eve of Christmas was on the phone with the head of Lukashenka's administration Vladimir Makey and demanded the immediate release of all political prisoners. He also noted that for a long time knows some arrested presidential candidates through travel to Minsk.

Even politicians from opposition parties, says FAS, sharply critical of the Lukashenko. According to the leader of the Green Party Klyavdyi Roth, "With the closure of the OSCE Office Lukashenko isolate his country in order to preserve intact all the ways their unlawful mode and hide the details of the progress and the true results of the election."

With criticism of Lukashenko, was the leader of the Left in the Bundestag Gregor Gysi.

"Actions Lukashenko demonstrate that" out of people's heads to get out even the thought of the opposition, "said the German parliament.

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