Ghost in the post office box


In New Zealand, a certain Andrew Waters with his friend Kim Ward went to relax on the weekend in the town of Saint-Bazens. On the way, they stopped at Vulcan Hotel, a place where the legend of the ghost walks, that bought all booze.


"I'm still nagged by Kim that he some sort of nonsense came up just to go there because he wanted to see a ghost," says Andrew. — "In the bar we bought beer and I felt my skin was pimples, as from fear or cold, but I thought it was the excitement."
Then the couple was photographed on a background of mail and after developing noticed in the vague silhouette. And even after that, Kim did not believe in ghosts. Remained skeptical.
The hotel manager said that this is the first appearance in the post, the premise of which is vacant for a year by the way, ghosts. And it all adds even more to the legend of a local ghost.

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