Good initiatives of the Odessa region of Ukraine

Back to basics. Just a few days ago in the walls of the Odessa Regional State Administration public discussion of the draft law "On the family estate." This document provides that every citizen of our country will be able to legally hectares of agricultural land for the resettlement of life and living.
Say "leave the city and return to the ground," so to say "runs like a red thread" through the law "On the family estate." Thus, one or another Ukrainian, who wants to live like before the revolution, is entitled to receive for such a drive one hectare of land in the countryside. Duma to experts, it is through this approach can solve many agrarian problems, both the state and society.

Members of the public council at the Odessa Regional State Administration Mr. Valery Gordiyan said that the estate or family inherited the mansion are something that can save the country from urbanization delight of nature, from its violent destruction.

Under the plan, obtained a piece of land can use indefinitely. Her offer to use at the discretion of the owner. For example, the demise. In this case there is only one prohibition — sale of land. According to the proponents of this bill, in the territory of Ukraine, the free black berries. First of all, people will be giving away parts of endangered or already extinct Ukrainian villages.

As a rehearsal of the law in the Odessa region have launched the country's first pilot. Ancestral homes have already been displaced and villagers Velikozimenovo.

Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Union called "People's Movement of land protection" Yuri Tkachenko said that the construction of a modern infrastructure and human settlement Ukrainian villages have enough land. One way or another, but the choice is up to each person — an apartment in the city or a private house in the village.

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