Green Film Festival EkoChashka opens in Moscow on Friday

Fourth festival of environmental documentaries "EkoChashka" opens in Moscow on Friday — the first three days of March, viewers will see the most interesting foreign "green" films, as well as two Russian paintings.

Film screenings will be held at two sites, the cultural center and cafe ZIL "Tsurtsumia" on winery. In addition to film screenings, as usual, will be Eco Forum. In the ZIL will be organized separate collection of waste, including the collection point will be working batteries.

At this year's "EkoChashke" viewers will see just two Russian film directors, which perfectly fit into the format of the festival. "I choose wood" George Molodtsova, filmed with the support of WWF Russia — this is a classic story-journey of how a young man wanted to know what was going on with the Russian forests. The second film, "The filaments" Svetlana Bychenko, an ordinary light bulb — the storyline twists on the last film in Russian production plant bulbs.

The festival will also be a meeting place for international visitors. Submit their films to come out of the U.S. Mark Dixon, founder of the film "Your great ecological tour" — this picture will open the festival. Steven Lake from the UK talk about his film "The dryer instead of freedom." A Spanish director Oscar Clemente, author of the film "Full speed ahead, or dream car," a master class in visual tools in the movie.

In addition to the films planned for the collection of articles on the subject of renewable energy sources (RES), workshops and master classes, the introduction of new "green startups."

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