Green UFO over Norway


Over Norway hung green jellyfish. Northern Lights has highlighted a strange object in the sky, like a jellyfish.
Green UFO hovered over Norway

Norwegian amateur photographer Per-Arne Milkalsen witnessed a remarkable phenomenon. Watching the Northern Lights January 20 this year, he noticed an object in the sky, like a jellyfish. "Medusa" was the same ghostly green color of the glow. Milkalsen had to take her picture.

— I am fond of northern lights over 25 years, I watch them, take pictures, but have never seen anything like it — speaks of "Medusa" by images.

Experts believe the real green object. But while the loss with his identification.
— This is not a lens flare and not a defect of shooting — the leading expert believes Tromsø Geophysical Observatory Truls Lynne Hansen.

Of robust hypotheses to explain not involving aliens, put forward only one. It is possible that Milkalsen photographed still flying machine, but not a "saucer" aliens and the Earth's satellite. For example, a communication satellite with deployed solar arrays. Some — their battery — multiple pieces. The surface could work as a mirror and reflect back to Earth, "bunny", created by the light of the aurora borealis. Of course, he is weak, but noticeable. Such reflection and could not get into the lens amateur pictures of beautiful glow.


The picture entirely Milkalsena

Large jellyfish

By the way, solar satellites or aerial sometimes cast on the surface and very powerful sunbeams of more than 10 kilometers. The light source in this case looks very bright point-like UFOs. Can be moved.

Satellites can shoot rabbits on Earth

Northern lights captured from the ISS

Experts doubt that the photographer managed to remove the so-called Sprite — the mysterious phenomenon of plasma-like lightning. He looks like a jellyfish. But there is at an altitude of about 100 kilometers, is seen as a rule, from orbit, not from Earth.

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