Hail at Lake Carter Lake, Iowa 08/18/2011



Hail the size of baseballs can spoil a lot of things.

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Tornado in Nebraska 08/18/11.


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Sandstorm struck the capital of Arizona, 8/18/11.


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MOSCOW, Aug. 19 — RIA Novosti. Sandstorm struck the American Phoenix — the capital of the state of Arizona (USA), reports the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC BBC.

The cyclone is moving from the Arizona desert, where earlier this year for two forms the sand storms, more typical for sub-Saharan Africa than in the American southwest. Height of the column of dust reaches the order of a kilometer, with the storm accompanied by winds of 40-45 miles per hour, gusts in some places reach 50 kilometers per hour.

The footage can be seen as a giant television brown cloud cover residential areas of Phoenix. Due to the storm in the city difficult to move vehicles. Also suspended flights to the local airport. A cloud of dust spread over several kilometers, said the commentator for the local news release.

Last sand storm in Arizona was formed in July, when the monsoon season begins, which lasts in the region until September.

RIA Novosti

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