He remembers everything you hear


You have a good memory? Quickly memorize phone numbers? And as with poetry? How much time will you need to learn, for example, "Letter to Onegin, Tatiana"? A couple of hours or a day? But an eight-year high school student from Apatity Anatoly Yegorov remembers everything and almost immediately — whether poetry or prose. Teachers say — genius grows, parents are convinced — an ordinary boy. So who is he — Shreds Egorov?

Welcome — this is it. Shreds Yegorov. 8 years old. The disciple of the second class. He still had a hard read, but remembers any text at once. Now he recites Nekrasov "General Toptygina" — 130 lines, without hesitation, with expression.

Poems for Anatolia — it is simple, rhyming syllable memorized quickly.
At school, classmates while studying expressive reading a poem he learn it by heart. However, with the prose and no special problems. "Deniskiny Stories" — a favorite product of Shred. To the question, how do you so quickly and a lot of things to remember — he is also responsible smoothly.
Teachers and educators are not quite appreciate. And the memory is good and everything is fine with the math, and acting talent is present.
It grow, learn and be a great actor — you might say. But no, our hero wants to be a chemist, not work with sonorous rhyme, and with dry formulas.

Maybe it will. In the meantime, the boy surprised by the unusual adult memory. He recently won the international competition of readers, held in the camp "Eaglet" read it "Gen. Toptygina", now is learning to play an entire day of victory.

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