Healing in Russia

People involved in healing (from "aim," "make whole"), ie, engaged in activities aimed at restoring health, were in ancient times. They are not associated with any structures of the society, professional training, but has healing properties "from God." Nevertheless, there were well-balanced system of "report card grades":

BLESSED — Clairvoyant or spontaneous, ie, getting information about objects or events of the outside world, not based on the work of well-known senses and judgment of reason (extra identification of material objects or objective events). He has not gone from the world, did not break with the society — most of them in the world. Blessed to professional healers will not ever. He is a kind, good man, by nature, is engaged in treatment, and it can have amazing results. Blessed denied aspirations and therefore perfectly suited to social life. He is in himself, and at the same time, the entire outside.

— people, which included the Devil. Possessed apart from the crazy: crazy last time. Demonized as loses his approaching sacred objects — crosses, icons and others. They utter blasphemous words and trying to spit on the shrine. Demoniacs increasingly women than men, but during the attack a woman can not hold five to six healthy men: a force attached to her body Devil. He is a person in the following circumstances: from the Council and the grief, anger and abuse black word on slander of evil men, while eating — when you eat on the run and crossed the threshold. Accursed devil possessed people. For example, the mother says in the hearts of his son or daughter, "Damn you paralysis broke, okoyannaya power!" — And condemn those baby hell. These children — Demoniac — short-lived, and after the death of their souls depart for the Devil. Demonized as the type of bioenergy rank higher than blessed, and break it with the society further. It affects your energy, which is full. The overcrowding — an indicator of his behavior.

Hysterical woman
— possessed by a demon. Literally "screamer", "screamer" because with these unfortunate attacks occur periodically, during which they crow like a rooster, neighing like a horse, donkey issue cries and prophesy. Some crazy woman has the ability to clairvoyance, energetic influence, predskazatelstvu. Here we have the two-way communication with the Divine, but still unstable. As a healer, hysterical woman needs no worldly knowledge, as there was a detachment from society.

— a man who has the ability to anticipate arises spontaneously develop future events and ways to achieve certain goals of the individual and society, which he sets out, despite the threat to personal safety. Transmitted directly through the Prophet will thin plan, what used to be called "the voice of God." Prophet — a complex and majestic figure. It is clean and the owner of true knowledge, but let's not confuse them with the knowledge of the category of secular science. His goal — no training, no treatment, but the ministry. He has the right of direct communication with the Divine, and this relationship is stable. Prophet's sayings to be treated carefully, and remember that the Prophet — a man who speaks not of himself personally. From it you can not claim the comments can not be taken literally and regard his words as a direct reference to the work. It is a violation of this requirement lies in a lack of understanding and conviction of soothsayers. To the prophet in Russia refer the Magi, the elders — the Desert.

Whacky — discharge of the holy ascetics who have chosen a particular feat — craziness, ie appearance of insanity, taken for "outrage world", a radical rejection of the worldly life and ministry of Christ through the witness of the externals of Christ way of worldly wisdom and worldly greatness. Craziness involves external madness (diabolism) as the extreme annihilation of pride, the ability to prophecy, carried out under the kind of madness, and only gradually comprehends the people, humble acceptance of abuse and battering, as following Christ, rebuke sinners and the ability to see demons surrounding them, night, secret prayer and demonstrative neblagochestie day, etc. In Moscow Russia, Fools get most social value, they act as accusers unjust power and heralds of God's will. Craziness is perceived here as a full path of holiness, and many Fools honored during his lifetime.

In addition to these ranks, there is another group that has no grace, but having knowledge of specific areas: doctors — healers, bone setters, Ladies — midwives, Warlocks who use different plots and a love means. The difference between the two groups in principle: doctor — treated, healer — was aiming.

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