Heavy snowfall in the Turkish capital has led to a serious accident, there are victims

At least five people were killed and about 30 injured in the accident intercity bus in Ankara last night during a heavy snowfall, is transmitted to the local media, citing police sources.

Bus route from the city of Van in southeastern Turkey in Istanbul, turned on the ring road of Ankara. The driver lost control in ice and snow, the bus lost control, hit guardrails and fell into a ditch, according to television station NTV.

Injured taken to a local hospital, where they received the necessary medical care. Because of heavy snow in the Turkish capital, dozens of accidents have taken place, has been complicated by transport, at times there were traffic jams on intercity highways linking Ankara with the central, northern and western regions of the country. A number of flights at the airport of the Turkish capital was canceled because of bad weather, the planes were sent to other airports.

Bad weather in Ankara on weather forecasts, will continue until the end of the week, according to RIA Novosti.


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