Helping those who are unjustly imprisoned

Political activists, human rights, social organizations, and individuals continue to help those who have been imprisoned for taking part in a protest on December 19. These days, the volunteers sent to the prison to send warm clothing and water, as well as preparing to meet the first prisoners who were sentenced to 10 days in jail.

Manor BPF these days things like warehouse: in many packages — sweaters, warm socks, cigarettes, drugs, bottles of water. Every morning, volunteers take packages to send to jail, after putting back a note with the names of the prisoners and greeting cards with Christmas and New Year:

Reporter"Who you are transmitting?"

Girl"In principle, accept strangers. And we do it because we believe — unfairly sit. "

Youth"I myself was there in no time — also taken from the various protests. And the fact that I was on the other side of the fence, I have a duty to help those who are now behind bars. "

Youth"My name is Nikita, I work as a programmer. Today I have the day off and so came here, and now sign the cards, and then take bags with things and am lucky to pass imprisoned in Akrestsin — I work as a volunteer."

Reporter"You're being called to this work, or on its own initiative doing this?"

Youth"I'll do it, because I understand that these people feel that he could be in their place. I also impressive scale — how many people are connected to the help. "

Share of social assistance to prisoners on their own initiative organized by one person — Daria Katkovskaya, which called for the solidarity of the people through the Internet:

Every day hundreds of people come here with the things money.

"Morning — the most difficult time for us, as many volunteers come, they need to tell them where they should go, what name they should call, tell us how to do it right for those who are not familiar with the procedure, as it is difficult enough . This is a civil action — every day hundreds of people come here with the things money. This promotion will end, when will the need for assistance to prisoners. "

Tomorrow, December 29, freedom will be those prisoners who were sentenced to 10 days in jail. On their appointment, as well as other help care advocacy organizations, including the "Spring" movement "For Freedom", a committee of the "Solidarity".

An activist of the "Solidarity" Enira Bronitskaya"We, along with the movement" For Freedom "passed the parcel in Zhodino, and now prepare to face the prisoners — transport and everything you need for a meeting. Also meet with the families of the prisoners in the criminal case, we try to help. And we will also organize legal aid for the release. "

In order to coordinate and intensify joint efforts to politically repressed and comprehensive care to their families and the Coordinating Committee of Social Solidarity with political prisoners.

Committeeman Vladimir Kolos"We will collect wives arrested presidential candidates to find out what they need help, we will take care of the students, so that they are not excluded from higher education institutions, as well as engage in other similar issues."

As Vladimir Kolos, the Steering Committee also has to ask for help to the countries of Europe.


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