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Anomalous zone in Santa Cruz



Michael Gerstein, chairman of the commission UFO Russian Geographical Society — 24/04/2010

Recently in the news aired a story about the anomalous zone in California, which supposedly is not affected by the forces of gravity. And if there are, in the opposite direction to the items do not attract soil and repel.

Author of the story was in the area and have personally seen the wonders of things happening out there that are really amazing.
"The version that once flew here by aliens, though not the most plausible, but it sounds exciting — said the reporter. — Anyone who has been here, trying to find answers to many questions. "
And we will try.

Citizens of the USSR ENTRY DENIED

The sensational zone is located near the city of Santa Cruz. In Russia it is called the zone of Preyzera after the owner — Bruce Preyzera. In America, called "the mysterious spot."


The secret of the anomalous zones — in skewed houses.

Earlier in the area was closed to the citizens of the USSR. Therefore, the first native journalist was there only in 1991.

— At the entrance to the area of land laid two parallel concrete beams at about half a meter long — says stalker pioneer Andrew Sidorin. — On the one hand the ends are in range, and the opposite — outside. With the help of a guide available at each level can ensure that they are perfectly horizontally. However, if the opposite ends of the beams to put two people about the same height, it is in the area will look significantly lower, and swapped places with his partner — a much higher than that. Moreover, this optical transformation is evident as for standing face to face experience of the participants, and for looking at the side of their people.
Greater miracles began at the epicenter of the area where its creator George Preyzer built a wooden hut:
— When approached we felt increasing pressure coming from the tilted walls of the structure to us. To keep the balance, had much to bend forward. Compass in hand guide fabricate something strange. About one meter from the ground, he pinpointed side of the horizon. And on the surface of the magnetic needle is rotated through 180 degrees.
— Heavy metal ball with a force which was put down the chute raised to the top of the board, and not having done half-way, and stayed with the acceleration rolled back up, taking off like a cork — continues Andrew. — The strongest deviation from the usual sensations felt in the very hut. Getting up on the edge of a wooden table located there, you can lean forward so that it seems as if the person hangs in the air.
The same "anomaly" and a television reporter showed almost 20 years later: balls rolled down the chute, bent. And commemorate the aliens. That is, in the area has not changed. It is still active.

Optical illusion

Alas, forced to disappoint: most likely, the aliens have not visited "The mysterious spot." And then observed miracles — it focuses. But it is very original.
The easiest trick in secret to the gravitational anomaly. Experts have found out for sure: a cabin in the area is inclined at 18 ° to the vertical. Therefore, people are guided by its position, it seems that they are crooked, as if bowing.

For the same reason, the tourists seem as if the balls and the balls are rolling up. In fact, they roll down.
The view from the window does not help to dispel the illusion of all the objects around tilted at the same angle! Misalignment can climb quite huts on the ground facing the wall, which was successfully demonstrated on television.

— Yet at the approach to the hut in the body of the audience confused growing trees and not vertically inclined slope begins "fight" between the perception of balance and the spectacle of the surrounding nature — explains the famous American illusionist James Randi is familiar with such effects. — Any visual perception of our environment, which does not allow to see the skyline or water may be wrong. The slightest movement of the body generates a response signal from the sense organs of equilibrium. And if we already have assumed a horizontal position, the body is under the immediate conflict. Dizzy.


The basis of apparent change of growth are just two illusions. First, the slope of the perceived wrong in itself distorts the perception of the height of people or objects for a certain number of degrees. To tilt to 18 °, the error is about 3,5 °.
Second, the background — skewed hut — is a mild form of the observers' Ponzi illusion ": the angle between the inclined boards and the ground seems a bit of perspective, and placed on its background people — like being at different distances from the observer. But as the audience knows that this is not the case, only the illusion of changing their growth — the man at the top corner looks a little more than standing at the base.
It remains to deal only with the magnetic anomalies: why a compass in the hands of a guide doing strange tricks? Maybe it's the secret. Some inquisitive naturalists brought their compasses and nothing abnormal for them not notice.
— With compass in hand, I went to the same place drove guide — says one of the tourists. — Spent a lot of time walking up and down and his eyes on the compass. But he did not see any changes. Not to mention the turn arrows at 180 °. This does not mean that there can not be magnetic anomalies, but if they exist, they are not widely circulated and hardly detectable.
It is possible that the crafty guides just buried somewhere under the earth magnets. Of course, they know the exact location. The magnets are not very strong, so that the anomaly must incline to the ground.


The entrances to the "anomalous zones" marked signs. Do not make a mistake.

Those claims can be presented to the levels and in the hands of the guides: it looks like they are made in advance with the error in the right direction. If you ask them to turn on the level of 180 degrees, the deception will open.


Bruce's main competitor — Maria Cooper, the owner of "Oregon vortex." This is a similar attraction near the town of Gold Hill, Oregon. In contrast to the "zone Preyzera 'house in it is not built specifically: he bent after a landslide along with the surrounding trees. Businessmen quickly assessed the benefit of the illusion generated by the distorted areas. And already in 1930 started collecting money from tourists.

Advertisement "Vortex" states: "No matter what your education or profession, you will face a challenge to all the accepted theories … This must be seen to be believed. "

And people are coming. "Whirlwind" brings his mistress kind of money that in 2003, she wanted to sell a piece of not less than $ 3.5 million!

Hanging in skewed huts heavy nuclei on the chain, the owners of both bands unwittingly give the true direction of gravity. But that, as noted by James Randi, can be faked:

In "Mystery spot" can be

sit on a chair, defying the laws of gravity.

— In one of the "ghosts visited" houses we found the whole structure — within the outer shell, which was all right with the horizontal and vertical elements. All internal filling is tilted a few degrees to one side.
To defeat the natural human trait to use the minor details that would guide and judge by them, where the horizontal, the curtains are stiff and aligned with the beveled frames. Chandeliers suspended from welded into one circuit, the deviation from the vertical, and glass containers with liquids in fact flooded with clear plastic with a beveled surface in a similar manner.

With a corresponding effort, you can make people believe in many things. Just do not give the result for the anomalous zone — optical effects already produced an impression!
"The mysterious spot» (Mystery Spot) on weekdays working with 10 to 16 hours. On weekends — up to 17. Together with a parking ticket is $ 10.

"The Oregon vortex» (Oregon Vortex) opens an hour early. And it's worth 50 cents cheaper.


Scorpion the size of a human

Dr. Martin White of the University of Sheffield in Scotland found fossilized footprints nightmarish monster — scorpion length of two meters and a width of meter. That is the size of a man. It is good that such creatures lived about 300 million years ago, when people did not exist. Since scorpions pretty crushed, but the appearance did not change.
The current fines leaves are exactly the same tracks as the giant ancestors. Not in scale, of course, but the outline: the chains of crescents and the grooves between them.
By the way, scientists can not understand why, in those days the plants and creatures becoming incredibly large. The two-meter scorpion — one of them. But there have been more and butterflies the size of today's geese, and huge mosquitoes and flies …
According to one hypothesis, the conditions for the growth of oxygen is created, the excess of which was in the ancient atmosphere. On the other — hundreds of millions of years ago on Earth gravity was lower. Which hypothesis is correct, is not known. Maybe for gigantism had another reason.

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