High quality Chinese Air Force modernization threatens security of the Russian Federation

At the current time, China's rapidly developing all of the major trends in the field of military aviation. Only in the old days, it was reported on the development of the next upgrade Russian bombers Tu-16 — H-6K, Chinese, along with the aircraft experienced a "new type of rocket."

You can say it, they say, the backlog of our strategic aircraft for several decades, but it is not important, the main thing is that Chinese designers are not standing still, they work, improve existing standards, make new models — based on Western and Russian technology.

Air China aircraft at number second only to the U.S. Air Force and the Russian Federation, China has more than 3,000 combat and support aircraft. China is modernizing its air force with astonishing speed, even relatively recently, in the 70's and 80's, they were pretty retarded, have been aimed at the defense of its territory and conceded the Soviet Air Force, Russia in all ways. But since the early 90's they endured spirited transformation, turning into a modern Western-type aircraft capable of making the widest range of applications.

Now they are able to not only solve puzzles Air Defence's own country, to cover ground troops on the ground China, but strikes on targets at significant distances outside its territory, including seaports. Much improved by the ability of the Chinese Air Force intelligence, premature target detection, air defense and missile defense.

The main tasks facing the Chinese Air Force:

— protection of its borders in the likely territorial disputes with its neighbors: Japan, Vietnam, India and so on.

— gain air superiority over Taiwan in the event of a political decision to restore the "territorial integrity" China by military means. This puzzle they are able to perform, surpassing Taiwan's Air Force quantitatively and qualitatively.

— achieve advantages air in the region over the U.S. Air Force.

— achieve advantages in the air in the event of war with Russia, just one significant example for this, following the example of the United States, China has formed a center for pilot training with the title of "aggressor", opponents of Chinese aircraft pilots act on Russian Su-27.

The main directions of development of the Air Force

— In the bomber, the PRC has about 80-120 (according to various sources) H-6 different modifications of the PRC must upgrade due to lack of candidates (so far). In 2006 adopted a modification of the "Hong-6M", increasing the range and striking power. And here's another modernization — "Hung-6K». These bombers can storm the land of Far East, Siberia, Central Asia, the Korean Peninsula, Japan and the Philippine Islands. In the inventory developed on the basis of Russian Kh-55 and with the help of U.S. developments ALCM DH-10 ("Donghai-10"), it is estimated that it has 1,500 km, with an accuracy of 10-15 meters.

— Work on the H-7, double tactical bombers, and JH-7 — the development of the project H-7 fighter-bomber.

— Successful development of UAVs, back in 2010 at the Zhuhai Air Show in China showed the 10's promising drones. For example: the impact WJ-600 UAV-based cruise missiles, and 10 May 2011 the Chinese showed flight of the unmanned helicopter V750.

— China on the basis of Russian Su-33 is almost done its own carrier-based fighter — J-15. This year, or in the latter case, in future, the Chinese will put into operation its own aircraft carrier, the last Russian "Varyag".

— China plans to make its Military Space Forces, first in 2011 the Chinese successfully tested the first unmanned orbital, it is able to remain in space for 270 days a year, and defensive tackle different tasks, including the destruction of communications satellites opponent. This year, Beijing will launch the first components of its own space station, complete its plan to build up to 2020.

— It creates its own fighter of the 5th generation J-20, US-based development, and apparently Russian.

— Expanding and strengthening the airfield network, it already has more than 400 airports, most of them protected, have arched shelters for aircraft, made by underground storage of ammunition and fuel, there are rock shelters for the aircraft in mountainous areas. Replaced equipment airfields, now we can provide flights in difficult weather criteria and NIGHT MODE. Operational capacity of the airport network increased to 9 thousand aircraft.

Background of China's success: overfunded true favorites direction of an experienced industrial espionage, copying advanced Western and Russian achievements and their development.

Feeble hand: Air China is still very inferior to the U.S. Air Force in the field of modern AWACS and electronic warfare (EW). They are not sufficient, but China does not stand still, try to eliminate the gap. Not enough air tankers for carrying out large operations outside the country. According to the views of Western analysts, the Chinese radar troops are still weak in the detection of low-flying targets, security, radar stations from the air, low noise immunity radar.

The danger for the Russian Federation: Air China quickly pushed around our Air Force with a second place in the world in the number of aircraft of the 4th generation, the presence of "headroom" in China's aircraft 3rd generation, which can be sacrificed in order to keep our air force and air defense forces, forcing them to expend ammunition. Air China is superior to ours in the development of promising systems: UAVs, orbital planes. They are going to introduce the first aircraft carrier, and followed by another two, and we only have one, and the prospects for the creation of new ones is not traced. If the trend is not brokenfooted, our army will be inferior in the air not only quantitatively, but qualitatively and a possible opponent.

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