High-quality photos of military equipment the Korean Peoples Army

Our blog yesterday, has already given a link to high-quality photos of North Korean 170-mm self-propelled guns, M1989, made in passing battle Technology Korean People's Army (KPA) through the streets of Pyongyang after the military parade, April 15, 2012 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of day or birthday of Kim Il Sung.

Imp_navigator employee gave reference to the original image data — blog the South American tourist, who visited Pyongyang to celebrate the anniversary of the designated: http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/drewbert/photos-from-north-korea/30-93223/ In this blog contains a number of high-quality photos of equipment nearby KPA made at the same time when posleparadnom passing troops.

Tank "Chhonmaho" one of the latest versions. This is actually a profound modernization of the Russian license T-62 tank, gear, including welded turret. Pyongyang, 15.04.2012

More modern North Korean tank "Pokphunho"

Details of the design of the tank "Pokphunho"

Tank "Pokphunho. "Despite the poor quality of the display tank, excellent contrast markedly peculiar" Pokphunho "- placing the driver in the center of the tank

Tank "Chhonmaho-1" — the first upgraded version of the T-62 license

T-55. Just a T-55

Light Tank M1985 (all refer to the "M" — the South American contingent)

BTR-80A Russian supplies. Devotes his attention that the nominal 30-mm gun 2A72 cannon replaced by another (probably made DPRK). Behind are new North Korean armored 8×8

107mm 18-tube MLRS M1992 chassis tracked APCs VTT-323 (M1973)

The main North Korean 122-mm 30-Barrel MLRS BM-11

122-40-mm MLRS battery M1985 with additional ammunition carried

107-mm 24-charging MLRS launchers with additional MANPADS

An old Russian 200-mm quadruply MLRS BMD-20

Floating transporter PTS-M

23-mm self-propelled anti-aircraft twin installation M1992

Transport and loading vehicle CR-11B S-75

Transport and loading vehicle 5T53 S-200VE

Self-propelled launcher installation rolling coastal anti-ship missile system (with a missile, presumably, AG-1, she KN-01)

Self-propelled launcher medium-range ballistic missile, Nodong 1

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