High quality training sergeants bail strong army of the Russian Federation

Russian Armed Forces XXI century, is not only a new look, and change and transformation of their nature, including this applies to high-quality change in the ranks of the NCO corps. What should be the Russian Sgt. in the XXI century? What is being done in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to improve prof sergeant training? What should be considered the wisest of the Russian and foreign experience provided in this area?

Historically, the management of the Ministry of Defence today's decision by Professor puzzles forming part of the body young commander had to start virtually from scratch. This, of course sounds paradoxically. For many years, this dilemma has it written, and WHO and is now there, its current relevance niskolechko not decreased. Although from time to time created impression that it is clear to all, the desired goals are identified, certain tasks must be raised and resolved in the recent times.

In 2003, the President and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said the subsequent: "We will promptly directed manner shall complete all Jr commander composition professionals. " Indeed, in the same 2003 was motivated adopted a federal program that for the embodiment of which have been allocated large sums of money. Eight years have passed and it became clear that it did not bring results.

It is clear that all the participants shaped "round table" know that the problem is now palpitating sergeants did not appear yesterday, she got to us as a legacy of the Russian army. As in the 70s of the last century, and now in training sergeants out 6 months, this period, which from a green rookie cook sergeant — junior commander. It is clear that in such a small period of time to teach expertly prepared sergeant virtually impossible. Apart from the articles of the Charter of the future knowledge Jr commander must possess skills teacher which will transfer their knowledge to their subordinates. Naturally the main fighters get knowledge from their own commanders, officers, but usually most of the time men spend specifically commanded by sergeants.

But, despite all the criticism and the scarcity of training sergeants in the Russian Army to identify and adopt the best possible preparation for a modern army sergeants. We must turn to the history of the preparation because the junior officers were engaged in during the reign of Peter I and Catherine II, and the experience is quite secured.

Kazakhstan army for high-quality training sergeants enjoyed proposal army of England, which took over the sponsorship of training of junior army commanders of the country. It must be admitted that the English instructors conduct training quite well. Switzerland has no army unchanged, but in the middle of the police are serving over a thousand non-commissioned officers who are held every 5 years of training.

Modern tasks of training and education of young fighter nesusvetno complicated: many officers reduced, most of the warrant was fired, even as new sergeants would not. Meanwhile, the modern men in Russia are at the call of only one year, and the Ministry of Defense is trying to rejuvenate from those selected and trained by Prof. sergeants. Previously, the preparation took six months, at the moment trying to keep within three months. Education in a rather short time so does not being able to cook a real sergeant, which can become a junior officer.

Within 3 months of yesterday's student must not only learn how to command his subordinates, but what and how to teach their subordinates and how to maintain discipline. We can say with certainty that it can not be.

There are some encouraging announcements so finally it was decided to prepare sergeants professionals and worth noting is very thorough. Duration of training set — two years and 10 months. It should be noted that these junior officers are not very much. Since the Russian army planned to have 150 thousand officers, given that the number of sergeants should be 300-400 thousand. But this year, from the Ryazan Airborne School 250 sergeants come out, but it is the scale of the Armed Forces — nothing.

Of course, not all future sergeants should prepare for 3-year program there — you need to enter the stage system of education. Commander of a military unit can be cooked for 3 months, but on the condition that he had previously served for six months as a private and was able to justify their leadership characteristics.

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