High-quality wiring equipment

No matter what the current organization, whether it is construction, industrial, manufacturing or trade, can not do without wiring equipment that would meet the requirements of non-hazardous use. The leaders of many companies have long caused that one of the most reliable partners which can always provide the desired electrical products at the right time and at the applicable price is the Krasnodar company "Komplektavtomatika", the specific web address of the website where http://www.lotki93.ru/. Office of the company, which is one of the most Oldest Acquisition in its own sphere, is located in Krasnodar, but that does not mean that it works only for the Kuban customers. Now virtually any Russian region has a production of "Komplektavtomatiki" meets all the necessary requirements of electrical equipment. The uniqueness of this company is that it is engaged in the creation, and not outbids products from other companies, trying to get some benefit out of this.

The production capacity of the company can provide the electrical installation products of numerous clients, among which would be possible and your company, because the terms of cooperation with "Komplektavtomatikoy" more than applicable. Electrical products that produces company "Komplektavtomatika", presented on the website www.lotki93.ru. This cable trays, electrical profiles, racks and shelves, special wiring trays. All profiles are carried out with a view to carry out high-quality installation of electrical equipment and non-hazardous to complex electronic equipment that works to meet the needs of people in one way or another company.

Company "Komplektavtomatika" can create electric installation equipment both in their drawings and customer drawings. Specialists of the company in the rather short time to hold all the necessary work. Once the product in industrial applications to be made, company take responsibility for their delivery to the customer.

Now customers NPP "Komplektavtomatika are" hundreds of different companies in different parts of Russia. The products of this company is used for the implementation of projects for the Sochi Olympics, which may indicate the manufacturer of trust on the part of customers.

The company activity is focused on the successful running of your business.

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