His father — an alien

Sometimes, people find it very strange artifacts, and in the most unexpected places. The find, which we now describe, it could be evidence of the visit aliens from other worlds on our planet.

In 1930, the 15-year-old American woman named Mary with her parents went on vacation to his family in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Rest had 160 kilometers to the south-west of the city of Chihuahua, the grand beauty of the Copper Canyon, surpassing in size and depths of the famous Grand Canyon in the neighboring U.S. state of Arizona. After a joyful meeting relatives immediately cautioned the young gentleman that while walking it does not in any way trying to explore numerous caves and abandoned mines around the village — to local belief, home to evil spirits. Of course, she entered the exact opposite.

Mary loved to explore the area of the village, and one day she came across an old mine, like a long tunnel. In it she found lying on her back female skeleton. Beside him was poured small mound was visible from the deformed and dead little hand, grabbed her arm found the skeleton. American dug mound and found beneath the remains of children with very strange skull. She decided to restore both the skeleton, which lay down the bones in a large basket, taken ostensibly to gather berries in the woods, took her to the house of their relatives and hid in the corner of the garden. Two days passed, and the night in a village struck a terrible storm. Heavy rain turned into a flood. The next morning found Mary cart upside down. Flood waters have taken most of the bones. Managed to find only a few, including two skulls.

70 years in a cardboard box

Mary brought their finds home in El Paso, Texas. Strange child's skull is unusually wide, flat neck and small orbits, she considered the product of a human deformity and with a skull alleged mother for years and kept them in a cardboard box as a souvenir, reminding about the fascinating journey to the Mexican family. In the early 90's, sensing the approach of death, Maria gave the box to his close friend, taking his word to protect the relic. He placed the box on a shelf in his garage, where he stood for five years.

In the end, the new owner of the skulls from the Copper Canyon reported them to his friends — Young married couple who were interested in biological education and ufology, the search for Bigfoot and other non-traditional studies. Carefully inspect both skulls, Ray Young, said: "This is the skull — human.
And this … He's a very strange and could well belong alien. "His wife, Melanie, who at various times worked as a nurse and physiotherapist, also doubted that the child's skull — a product typical of human malformations. And then Young couple decided to seek professional help.


In 1997, the United States, "published by Adam Press", published in print edition entitled "All your knowledge — are wrong. Book One: the origin of man." Its author — Lloyd Pye, a writer and researcher of Bigfoot — are contained in the book interesting arguments in favor of the hypothesis of evolution that is fundamentally at odds with Darwin's theory as well as the views of creationists. This text was of great interest, and the name of Lloyd Pye became popular in America.

In February 1999, Ray Young, called the writer and said he wanted to show him something. At the appointed hour to Paju wife came with a cardboard box. They learned of it two packages deployed package and silently put on the table two skulls. One of them was clearly human and not caused in Lloyd Pye's special interest, but the other … The writer looked at him with wide eyes, feeling his covers of great excitement. Pai says: "The skull was small, odd-shaped, with unusual orbits. I held it in his hands, looked into the eye socket, and felt that comes in contact with something foreign." Ray and Melanie was asked what he thought of the turtles and that, in his opinion, should be done with them? The writer said that one of the skulls may not be human, though like him, and that the skull of this should be investigated. Then the visitors offered Paju take them as a gift to both the skull and take over the organization of research. To which he happily agreed.

The "Starchild"

From a medical point of view of the skull, with a light hand that Lloyd Pye is called "Starchild" — "Star Child", it could have belonged to a child who suffered from a variety of diseases: brachycephaly, hydrocephalus, Crouzon syndrome, and possibly anoftapmiey. Actually, the original Pye, despite their propensity alternativschiki scientist, still a point of view, and adhered to. We explain that brachycephaly — is a broad term used to describe the disproportionately large skulls, and hydrocephalus — a condition in which an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the skull leads to an increase in internal pressure in it and gives it an unusual "inflated" form.

Crouzon syndrome — a hereditary disease that causes premature fusion of the children of the cranial sutures and can give the incomplete development of the midface and small orbit. When anophthalmia eyeball also unusually low.

As part of the expanded a share of the "Starchild" both skulls were radiocarbon dating. Female skull — the University of California at Riverside in 1999, the skull of a child — in Miami in 2004. Both tests have established their age — 900 years, with a possible error of 40 years. The child's age was defined as a dentist four and a half years — five years. The measurements showed that the volume of the brain child of the Star was 1600 cubic centimeters, while even an adult, he averaged equals 1400 cubic centimeters. Starchild skull features and lack of frontal sinuses. And held in Vancouver, Canada, in the laboratory of BOLD, genetic studies have shown that a woman and child were not even related.

His father — an alien?

The thickness of the skull Star child of two to three times less than the average person, despite the fact that the bones much stronger and more durable and its structure more similar to tooth enamel. Under the microscope, it was seen that they contain fibers intertwined as reinforcement in cement, in which human skulls have never been observed. I must say that the very presence of unusual fibers. Currently, physicians identify the so-called Morgellons disease, when fiber structure — translucent and highly visible to the naked eye — are found in the soft tissues of patients. These fibers are made up of high density polyethylene and may enter the body from dietary supplements. However, the first description of Morgellons disease are XVII century.
Starchayldovskie same fiber opaque and without special equipment completely indistinguishable. They can be seen only through a scanning electron microscope. The bones and joints of those who suffer from Morgellons disease, bear all the signs of degeneration, and the bones of the skull Star child — very strong.

Hydrocephalus skull also thinner than normal, but they are fragile and weak. Research conducted in 2004 by Dr. Ted Robinson showed convincingly that Starchild skull morphology is not the result of hydrocephalus. Interestingly, in this in his report Dr. Robinson called skull "humanoid" or "very unusual humanoid."
Finally, in 2003, samples of the skull were nuclear and mitochondrial DNA analysis. The result surprised the scientists for real: Star mother was quite a normal child of Indian, but the father was not really a man or no man. Repeated analysis in the past, in 2010, to more advanced equipment, has confirmed that a significant portion of the genome Starchild analogues in the world does not have, though noted, for example, a complete similarity first chromosomes with human child of the Star. So the father of the young owner of a strange skull could well be at least a mutant, and even the most real alien from another planet.

Author: P.Bukin
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Incredible" № 9

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