Hitler found a Tibetan city of the gods?

Fifteen years on the personal orders of Hitler SS expedition in Tibet looking for the legendary Shambhala. Materials of these expeditions, as horrible as war booty to the Allies, and is kept in Germany, has not yet been declassified. The governments of Germany, the UK and the U.S. announced that it planned to open secret files only in 2044, that is, 100 years after the expeditions.

Tibetan secret Haushofer. The leaders of the Third Reich, paid close attention to the study of the occult practices of the East is not accidental. Adolf Hitler and his closest associate of Rudolf Hess was called to be disciples of Munich University professor Karl Haushofer. It was an amazing, extraordinary personality. In the early twentieth century, it became a military attaché in Germany in Japan. There Haushofer was initiated into the most mysterious people of the East — the order of the "Green Dragon", then received special training in the monasteries of the capital of Tibet — Lhasa. During the First World War, Haushofer quickly made a military career, becoming one of the youngest generals of the Wehrmacht. His colleagues hit the amazing ability to foresee a successful officer in the planning and analysis of military operations. Everyone was certain that General characteristic clairvoyance and that this — the result of his study of the occult practices of the East.

It was Karl Haushofer not only Hitler and Hess accustomed to the mystical secrets, but also opened the door to the Nazis, then located in the deep canyons of the Himalayan monasteries of the ancient religion of Bon-po (which means "The Black Road"), for hundreds of years are not allowed to Europeans themselves. Largely under the influence of Haushofer in the practice of the Black Order the SS were introduced Tibetan occult rituals associated primarily with the technique of psycho-physical training in Tibetan yoga. Nazi symbols, including the swastika, also came to Hitler's Germany to Tibet. They again brought Haushofer, who in the years 1904-1912 has visited Lhasa in search of unknown European scholars of ancient manuscripts containing texts esoteric occult Cosmogenesis. It is these trips have laid the foundation for future expeditions organized by Himmler in the Himalayas.

At the same time, in some Buddhist monasteries, especially monasteries Bon-po, a desire to capitalize on the interest of Western politicians for their own purposes. One of the many dark rituals are still committed by priests Bon-po, was a ritual murder. The spirit of the deceased moved into specially made for this little figure. It was being passed to the enemy, and he is unaware of anything, taking her with him. The spirit of the sacrificed person could find solace and brings down his wrath upon the owner figures, causing him incurable and painful death.

In the early 20-ies of XX century in Berlin, the strange Tibetan monk, known in narrow circles of the "man in the green gloves." This Hindu surprisingly accurately inform the public in advance of three in the press about the number of Nazi deputies to be held in the Reichstag elections. He became known in the top Nazi circles and regularly hosted Hitler. It was said that this "oriental magician holds the keys that open the door to the realm of Agartha (secret center in the Himalayas, is a stronghold of" unknown superiors "in the world and the astral window of communication with extraterrestrial forces)." Later, when the Nazis came to power, Hitler and Himmler did not do any serious political or military step without consulting the Tibetan astrology. An interesting fact: not known whether this was the name of a mysterious Indian or was it a nickname, but his name was the Fuhrer!

Get stronger mystical connection in 1926 in Berlin and Munich appeared colony of Tibetans and Hindus, followers of Bon-po, and in Tibet opened society "Green Brothers", akin to the occult society "Tula" in Germany. The Nazis set up and with Tibetan lamas the closest contact. In the performance of his mystic mission Hitler hoped to help the higher powers. Union Bon-po, and fascism was so cramped that thousands of Tibetan lamas have volunteered to help to fade flame Nazi Reich to stop the advance of the Soviet troops to Berlin.

In early May 1945, during the storming of Berlin Soviet soldiers found among the dead Nazis burned a thousand human bodies. By all indications, an act of self-immolation. In a detailed examination of the corpses was found out that szhegshie himself alive people were typical representatives indogimalayskoy race. They were dressed in German uniforms without insignia. Documents proving their identity, were absent.

German agents stormed the Himalayas On most expeditions, led by SS officers who have gone on the orders of the Fuehrer in the Himalayas and Tibet, is known. There are sufficient reports on the results. The exception is the very first expedition — about it, few people know. It all started with the fact that the SS William Bayer recruited a new agent — Indian middle-aged, received alias Raja. This Hindu talked about a tiny and enigmatic Kullu valley of eternal stone lying communities at an altitude of about 4000 meters above sea level. There, he said, was a unique church — religious embodiment of one of the gods of the Hindu pantheon, whose Raja was called the "Lingam". And he told of the mysterious underground city, nestled in the valley of Kullu, the entrance to which is then sealed. Valley residents have often heard the noise, denunciations from the ground, tried to enter the mysterious city, but no one was able to do that. In one of the temples of the valley kept holy book, in which you can find the answer to the mystery of the origin of life on Earth.

The first expedition.

At the end of 1930, even before the Nazis came to power, in the Himalayas, to the mysterious valley of Kullu, sent an expedition of five, which included Raja and William Bayer. Expedition returned to Germany until the end of 1934. The underground city was not found, however Bayer brought hidden in a wooden pencil case is very ancient manuscript in Sanskrit.

The manuscript contained information about the history of the Earth. It said that for 20-30 thousand years before Christ came to this planet aliens from another star system. They artificially created a new kind of life — a humanoid creature, used to guide mutation existed in the world of animals and creating the conditions for a new creature for independent intellectual and social development. In the same manuscript contained information about some of the technical features of the aircraft used for the movement of aliens on Earth.

According to some researchers, the information contained in the manuscript, The Third Reich used to create diskoletov, far ahead of the design thought of the twentieth century. After Germany's defeat of their drawings and models were destroyed. But there are more photos of strange drives stall. If it was not on board the swastika, hovering a meter from the ground next to a group of Nazi officers, he could easily pass for a UFO.

The highest quality aircraft showed "F-7", which had the shape of a disc radius of 21 meters. May 17, 1944 it was built and made its first flight. From a report designer, addressed to Hitler, it is known that the rate of rise higher than 800 meters per second, while the horizontal is about 2200 kilometers per hour. If the Third Reich had massive production of "flying saucers", they would have quickly cleared the skies of Germany from enemy aircraft.

The second expedition.

Better known next Himalayan expedition, which took place in 1931. Its aim was Nepalese monasteries, had taken refuge in inaccessible mountain valleys. It was led by Hugh Veygold. But during one of the crossings of the mountain river, he broke his leg, and the leadership passed to an experienced climber who had already been in eastern Tibet, SS-Sturmbannführer Ernest Schaeffer.

Despite all the difficulties of the way, anti-Chinese, occupied at this time in Nepal, he was able to successfully complete the expedition. Contact with Shambhala, however, did not take place, but were brought to Germany many ancient manuscripts, stuffed animals still unknown in Europe, animals and plant collections. The gem of the collection was the manuscript of XVII century "Way of Shambhala." There is a list of sacred places that you have to pass to get to the legendary country. Although many of the names have changed over time, the route was clear.

Future expeditions

From the start, led by SS Sturmbannfuhrer Ernest Schaeffer. Their reports on the results, he sent directly to Himmler, and from him received instruction on the immediate tasks.
Particularly interesting results were obtained during the expedition of 1938. It was not only covered most of the monasteries mentioned in the "Road of Shamballa", but also removed the unique films about secret Buddhist rituals. Visited the members of the expedition and the sacred peak Kanchenjunga. According to ancient legend, in an inaccessible mountain valley situated at its foot, is one of the entrances to the underworld. The flow of energy coming out from there, so strong that everyone who visits the valley, stop the wheel of reincarnation, immortality and man. What are the results of the Sacred Valley visiting Germans — not known.

The final destination of the expedition was the capital of Tibet — Lhasa. It took an official meeting with Ernest Schaeffer regent of the country ("the meeting of Eastern and Western swastikas") and secret negotiations for the supply of German arms for a few thousand Tibetan soldiers. Interestingly the letter that the Tibetan Regent addressed to Hitler:

"Dear Mr. King, Hitler, the ruler of Germany. God be with you health, joy, Peace and Virtue! Now you're working on the creation of a vast state on the basis of race. So now the head arrived German expedition Sahib Schaeffer had no difficulties in the way to Tibet. Please accept, Your Highness, the King of Hitler, our assurances of future friendship! Written on the 18th of the first Tibetan month, year Earthen Hare (1939). "


Went to the Himalayas in 1942. November 28, 1942, shortly after the German army was surrounded at Stalingrad, and after the defeat of the Wehrmacht divisions in Africa, Himmler visited Hitler. They talked face to face about six hours. Only in 1990 published an article in which it was reported that Himmler had offered to rush into Tibet team of experienced climbers — SS officers who were to find Shambhala. The project, which passed to the Fuhrer, was well as a map, obtained by previous expeditions, which stated the approximate location of Shambhala. Himmler convinced Hitler that with the help of a mysterious, all-powerful people of Shambhala can reverse history and win.

In January 1943, in strict secrecy from Berlin in Tibet left five people, led by a professional mountaineer Heinrich Harrer from Austria and confidant Peter Aufschnaiter Himmler. However, in May the whole company in British India was arrested and put in jail. English because, like the Russian, too, find the road to the east miracles.

Heinrich Harrer year made four escape. He was caught and brought back, and then every time tightened regime for all prisoners. But release yet arrived. Harrer comrades led by Peter Aufschnaiter prepared escape, who finally succeed. However, from the whole group, only two of them managed to escape the chase and disease, bevel rest. They moved in Tibet together. Harrer wandered through Tibet in search of Shambhala for five years and only accidentally learned from the Met in the mountains of Indian traders that Germany had surrendered and the war ended.

In 1948, Harrer arrived in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa. After three years at the court of the Dalai Lama in 1951, he returned to Austria with a huge archive. But scientists study it was not possible: the archive was immediately seized by the British. Climber later published a memoir, "Seven Years in Tibet", which became known only after many years, when it made a film with Hollywood star Brad Pitt. By the time they got into the hands of newsboys of the report of Himmler, Harrer was already dead, so not officially admitting that was sent to Tibet by Himmler.

As for his archive, the British government refused to declassify it. Some researchers say the mystics of the Third Reich, that the cause of such high secrecy was the film that captures the ritual of calling evil spirits and getting into religious ecstasy shaman cult Bon-po, which existed in Tibet before Buddhism.

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