Hot summer in Russia — 2


07/07/2011 Early July was marked in Russia with new temperature records. In Tomsk beaten achieve a 50-year-old St. Petersburg exceeded the absolute maximum temperature on record for the Volga 40-degree heat at all has become almost the norm. Burning forests in Siberia, fire area measured in thousands of square kilometers. All of this raises questions about the possible repetition of the scenario of last summer, when the hot July was a prelude to the terrible August.


Is there a difference between the current weather pattern from last year? What happens in most fire districts of Russia? Do baseless fears that in front of us waiting for the next environmental disaster? Talk about it — in the next issue of the online talk show "Civil Defense"

Source: RIA Novosti, FFA

Record hot start in July in St. Petersburg

July 7, 2011 in St. Petersburg in the first two days of July temperature records were updated. Thus, the exact value of the new absolute high of the day on July 1 — 30,9 °. The previous record, equal to 30,5 °, has held since 1885. On Saturday, July 2, in St. Petersburg, it was even hotter — the air warmed up to 31,5 °. This day was the hottest day of the summer of 2011. In addition, this day will remain in the tables of records as the hottest in the history of observations. Above this line held in 1907, when the temperature in the afternoon reached 29,4 °.


In Russia, a race temperature records

July 7, 2011 in Astrakhan July 6 set a new absolute maximum of the day — 39,2 °. On Thursday, July 7, just hours shown at noon, in the newly renovated Astrakhan temperature record. At 13:00 MSK fixed value of 38,9 °, which is almost one degree higher than the previous extreme, kept since 1898. Heat waves also came to Volgograd. Already at 13:00 MSK temperature reached 36,4 ° 35,2 ° against in 2007.

Heat exchange the fifth decade

July 7, 2011 under the influence of a powerful wave of heat from Central Asia on July 6 in European Russia set a new maximum temperature this summer — 41,0 °. This value is fixed in the southeast of the village in the Astrakhan region Zelenga. However, the record managed to survive for at least a day. Today at 13:00 MSK in the village of Upper Baskunchak Astrakhan region of Russia plank heat rose to 43,0 °!


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