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A person who receives the word queries in Yandex "Hyperborea", usually comes in a book by Valery Demin in the library Moshkova (because high position). And then explains that Hyperborea was opened expedition Demina on that day in August 1997. So begins the first encounter with the subject — right from the first lie.

Sunset in the Khibiny.


Labyrinth on the island Oleshin Body.

Hyperborea never opened in the literal sense — as Troy. That is on its territory was not archaeological, except in the surface layer picking style archaeologist Alexander Bryusov brother Symbolist poet Valery Bryusov, who maze Big Island Zayatsky excavated stone structure in the center, I found nothing inside, and threw stones taken out at the entrance to the labyrinth. There they still were and when I visited there in 2009, which is about a hundred years later.

On the contrary in the underground city of Hyperborea Lovozero tundra in Murmansk and the surrounding area, in the border with Norway town Liinnahamari virtually "buried" that is filled up by explosions inputs. Certainly acted as our special services. And it was already in the postwar period.

I was covered with pictures of entry and a Raven Stones. But look there, in general, there is nothing, and I do better myself Crow stone will show those who have not seen it.

Raven Stone — split the sight of the ancient observatory in Hyperborean current line of Murmansk.

Expedition in search of Hyperborea — Mercator Wiese Roerich Barchenko, Ahnenerbe — initially were not looking for evidence of the existence of that country — in such none of the organizers had no doubt. They were looking for knowledge of ancient — magic or technology. Only since the late 90's of the XX century there Hyperborean expedition, the main purpose was to entertain the vanity of their participants. In the middle they were zero for some of the most active seekers still in business.

In between were timid research, for example, the study of megaliths Kuzovskogo archipelago expedition Karelian History Museum under the direction of Ivan Mullah in the 60's.

Some researchers have investigated ways of migration of Aryans — those who did not believe at all that they are descended from the Hindu Kush. Three of the most famous names of women researchers — Gusev Zharnikova, Kuzmin.

In 2008, the publishing house "Summer Garden" a book by EE Kuzmina "Aria — the way to the South" as a result of its half a century of research, but there — only about the migration of Aryans, from Arkaim and to Iran and India. In fact it already has an indirect relation to Hyperborea. Moreover, under the cover of an entertaining show up ornaments, ceramics, etc. Natalia Guseva books, especially the posthumous publication of "Aria and old Aryan tradition", read more easily.

However, the problem with stupidity of scientists — it is a problem at all stupid when, in certain situations, people or make themselves besot besot. We observe that the lone and lonely people affected by this lack of less than inclined to sociability (or doomed to it) and groups of people. Therefore folly is sociological rather than a psychological problem. It is nothing but a reaction to the impact of the individual circumstances, adverse psychological phenomenon in a certain system of external relations. It is easy to understand what kind of relationship, and what the external circumstances meet the scientific degree, position and money obtained in the field of false historical paradigm. Overcome such nonsense can not act of teaching, but only an act of liberation. However, the true inner liberation in most cases, it is possible only when it is preceded by the release of an external, as long as it did not happen, it's better to stop trying to influence the gander conviction.

External release of Doctor of Philosophy Valery Demin was violently. After the publication of his first book of Hyperborea, he was fired from his job at the university and was a freelance writer. However, not in poverty. His wife worked in network marketing, and the Valery Nikitich riveted one for another book about Hyperborea, each of which is 70% similar to the previous (in his bibliography on Wikipedia, I wrote only one of them, but technically speaking — dozens of them).

But Demin in the late nineties in a difficult situation. He shoveled a huge number of sources, which could throw light on the problem of Hyperborea, but he did not have any material evidence. However, he had a name and link. And a couple of people — the naval officer Igor Boev and theologian Eugene Lazarev — decided to use it as a wedding general. (However, in this story contains two Lazarev. Friend Lazarus — Oleg — no relation to Eugene).

In Murmansk, from the beginning of the 90s there studio "Ariadne", whose main aim is the development of human capacities. One of them — walking on the information trail. And as an interesting application of this ability — search for artifacts Hyperboreans and their interpretation. Now after the last fifteen years it is clear that the greatest number of discoveries made it Hyperborean "Ariadne."

Oleg Lazarev, Murmansk cameraman, traveled to the Kola Peninsula and shot species movies. Among them, I watched "Khibiny", "Seydozero" and "landlord's tundra." But it is now almost anyone can shoot a film on the specific digital camera, rewire, put on her track. And in the mid-nineties, it was available only with a professional camera. Therefore, movies Lazarev eagerly watched and therefore willingly showed Murmansk TV. The film "Seydozero" contained a lot of frames such as those published here. It looked on the local TV channel based in Severomorsk Igor fights and he had a fine idea to offer these artifacts Demin, becoming one of the discoverers of Hyperborea.

As a result, in the summer of 1997 Demin was sitting in a tent at the foot of Ninchurt, which is next to the bridge Seydozero, Boev treated his polar drink "awl," and then he and Eugene Lazarev went above and photographed some famous artifacts Ninchurt mountains. Demin for joy that lived up to support his ideas in a very emotional expression describes the events of that day. And Eugene Lazarev loves to draw. Subsequently, it was good when he made a drawing Hyperborean forge near Murmansk, a device which, looking at it in kind, it is harder to understand than his picture in the magazine "Science and Religion." And then he used his love for the schedule to make one of the stone pillars lying in the ruins of the castle on giperboryskogo Seydozero a tool like prigorizontnoy observatory of Ulugbek's observatory. Stone column I've seen in the photo, and the observatory of Ulugbek — live. It seems that with each other they are nothing like … probably the "official" opening of the Hyperboreans began not only with forgery pervootkrytvatelstva, but also with the actual reservations. No wonder a friend from the directorate of the magazine "Around the World." I offered to write an article about Hyperborea, said yes, but said he did not trust the books Demin. Has the right not to trust, and indeed events have shown that searchers Hyperborea have reason not to trust each other.

Begins the story of a new discovery from the Hyperboreans appropriate southern seids big meeting — with Vottovaara. Since 1978, Sergey Simonyan began to constantly go to the mountain Vottovaara, aware that its stones are of historical value. Until 1990, he vainly tries to attract the attention of experts to Vottovaara and maintain its religious monuments.

In the summer of 1990 working nearby archaeological expedition. There Simonian met with Mark Shakhnovich, brings it to Vottovaara. Externally seids it made no impression. In any case, he was trying to convince us that these stones of natural origin, and if they are on the "legs", the result of weathering and leaching of soil.

It turned out that as a man, no doubt, a smart, Mark knew immediately that had fallen into his hands, and how to put into circulation. After a couple of years he has already told the media that in the seven years of the archaeological expedition Karelian museum (1987-1993) the most significant event was the opening of the summer of 1992 Shakhnovich previously unknown religious monument on Mount Vottovaara.

With such a vanity fair started a new discovery Hyperborea and it continued. Is the peak incident took place in the zero years on a documentary film about the ancient prigorizontnoy Observatory, located about 30 km south of Murmansk. Then the filmmakers tried to attribute the discovery of these artifacts themselves completely out of the frame pushing studio "Ariadne," which fulfilled almost all the work to find the object and its interpretation, and also acted as a conduit for the delivery crew in place.

But there was much that we did not cover. A peak this case can call now and then. What the "Ariadne" Oleg Lazarev filmed the first day of the expedition, came home, a routine habit to immediately reset the computer. Then came to him the company, started the film, to lure Oleg from home with the equipment, ask for something dosnyat. Later, he woke up in his doorway with a broken face and without a camera (with the media). Oleg does not blame anyone because let himself be watered. But in the context of the overall behavior of a controversial episode of the crew looks like part of her dirty games.

In his latest book, lifetime Demin had nothing to show in terms of new artifacts, and he attributed the discovery prigorizontnoy observatory on the pyramids in the center of the Kola Peninsula itself and the expedition "Hyperborea" instead of the real discoverers Lidia Efimova and expedition "Ariadne."

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By the way, and Chudinov Demin jokers peddling fake, and both my husband bought them easily.

A member of the group "Kosmopoisk" Volunteer went on an expedition with Lidia Ivanovna and published an article in which attributed the results of the expedition "Kosmopoisk."

There is a book "In Search of Hyperborea." In 2006, in one of the publishers she had authored Vyacheslav Tokarev, the other authored by Sergey Golubev. On the cover of the first edition of this book, both authors appear together. As can be understood from their public disassembly network VKontakte, both authors, selling opinions, reissued the same book, each under its own name.

Golubev, probably people really make Hyperborean finds. But in recent years, after Hyperborea was his business (he organizes business trips to its artifacts), his behavior sometimes resembles a passage from "Nasreddin Hodja," competing with one minute back in vzaimoprevozneseniyah and praise, now they showered each other spiteful swearing. That often happens to people when between them is the purse. " Actually it was an attempt to collect compromising Lydia Efimov, and only after that, too, began to drive commercial tours and become a competitor.

But public correspondence Avakian and Chudinov main clowns of Hyperborea seekers generally resembles entertainment network trolls. The site "Lurkmore" which mocks at all, even over the Christian martyr Daniil Sysoev, it is in the face Chudinov seems to have found its hero.

Petroglyph "shoulder to shoulder" on the road Hyperborean (Kola Peninsula). On this stone to hunt people (IV millennium BC. E.) To be sworn in this campaign as a team (like Musketeers Dumas klyavshimsya "one for all and all for one!").

Hyperborea current searchers generally kept as a get-together, mention each other, but they are terribly far from being a team. Rather then apply a theatrical term (self) "terrarium minded."

The trouble is that if they find something really interesting, the society look at it is through the prism of their rivalry. And who trembles with pride, no power sharing, no generosity, no mercy.

All great take for granted that their opinion can conceive of anyone. If someone is really superior to others, he first believes in equality. A (pseudo) significant site Prohortseva not make great …

Discourage vandalism seekers Hyperborea. Murmansk docker Leonid Ershov shifted new stones all known labyrinths of the Kola Peninsula, violating the original monuments. On a black stone Ershov removed from the gap (see photo above) fragments, proving that the stone was destroyed by natural means. And this immediately bought Ernst Muldashev. People of Troshenkova dropped two reticle stone ancient observatory Crow stone to break open, which is the hallmark of a rival group "Ariadne." I (muscovite), along with a tourist from Vologda lifted both stones and set into place to fix what did in his city Murmansk.

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