How the CIA harbored Nazi fugitives

In the U.S., posted a report on the scandalous life of the Third Reich figures who moved to America
Who had taken refuge in the United States in the middle of Nazi war criminals and was the last of the political police investigator Latvia Edgars Laypenieks. Lett participated in the capture of 200 Communists, who were then shot. After the war, fled to Chile, then in the U.S.. Then he coached track and field, and at the same time intensively cooperated with the CIA. His controversial past Americans know it, but agreed to start an investigation only in 1981. Laypenieks and died in the United States, without waiting for any deportation or sentence. How many Nazis after the war spilled over into the U.S., it's not called, but give grasp — a few thousand.

In the United States detonated another informbomba "bastion of democracy" in many years hid in his 10's Nazi war criminals. After moving overseas Nazis and their accomplices, as it turned out, were very much needed in the CIA.

Among them — the Gestapo officer Otto von Bolshving, which personally involved in developing a plan for the destruction of the Jews in Germany. Received political asylum in the United States, a quick Teuton began working for the CIA. In 1981, the Ministry of Justice was talking about deportation, but offender in the same year he died.

Another character — Manager Ordnance Factory Mittelwerk Arthur Rudolph. Last exploiter of labor of prisoners of war was then credited to NASA, and to become the latest country to be known as Pope missiles

The whole sordid story of hiding Nazis became known thanks to the scandalous report of the U.S. Department of Justice, the publication of which is very long resisted the powers that be in Washington. Work on the document has organized a senior lawyer Mark Richard, in 1999, persuaded colleagues to tell about the "critical page in the history of" the United States. After 6 years of work has been completed, but was not allowed to publish it. Richard's then got cancer, and he himself never tired of repeating that his only desire — to live up to the publication business of his life. But the year before he died.

"A week before his death, he had read about the publication. It broke his heart," — Richard blamed colleagues. It took over Washington lawyer David Sobel. He filed to the court by the Ministry of Justice, then the Ministry provided a copy of the report from which shrewdly took away about a thousand pages. But the newspaper The New York Times managed to get the full version.

As it turned out, the Ministry wanted to hide, for example, information about which was kept at their scalp Dr. Mengele, who became famous for his experiments on prisoners at Auschwitz, about the conflict with the Swiss over the treasures looted by the Nazis, and how krivodushno sought from Latvia to judge Nazi war criminals. Meanwhile, in the 600-page report describes how Nazi sympathizers offender Ivan Demjanjuk Letts, immigrants were digging in the trash exported from the CIA, hoping to find at least some exonerating his paper. But he did not find.

As admitted who worked on the report of the Attorney Judith Fagin, "this is awesome history, of which was to tell. "And the press is already anticipating that all of this could put Barack Obama in an awkward position — after Democrat promised to make his administration the most open in the whole national history. At the Ministry of Justice only state that report incomplete and full of factual errors. What specific — then do not specify.

Alignment Professional

Sergei Markov, director of the Institute for Policy Research work: "It was from such double standards and falling U.S. credibility"

— At Yankee usual explanation. They allegedly collaborated with the Nazi perpetrators in the criteria for the "cold war" when the two opposing forces tried to mobilize all available human potential. But in the end, "cold war"Is not only draining resources, and helping offenders to escape punishment. And now U.S. officials use Afghan drug lords to protect their own fighter. A "cold war" in the minds of the South American establishment, all the war with the Soviet Union disappeared, has been preserved to this day. They really hunt to get from Russia to defeat the recognition and willingness to do "terms of surrender" and the carriers themselves look good. But, somehow comes out. And the report refuses to publish so long as it shameful. Indeed, there is a tremendous difference between those to which Americans are taught to others, and how — behave. And so at this point the authority of the United States in the world is rapidly falling.

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