How would the West could help Belarus. But it will not help …

Immediately after the election of the Company, a journalist, a few years ago was deported from Belarus, has written an essay about the fiery Belarusian heroes who saved the honor of an area of the nation. But I share the enthusiasm of the text only in part. Belarusians words of admiration in his essay interspersed with curses and accusations against the West, especially Europe, which betrayed the Belarusian democracy left the Belarusian opposition and are cynical game with the dictator. About the author Russia said two or three sentences, they say Russia is not yet sleepy raskaturhalasya and language of it will be discussed later.

Whose fault is it

I think that any author with such reasoning had to remember first of all Russia. It is this imperial country that has recently lost some of its outlying colonies, painfully experiencing the loss and is desperately trying to bring back something, first of all to blame for what is happening with Belarus. One journalist would not forget that this just Russia (it only) contains the current Belarusian regime — they themselves have recently calculated that over the past 10 years of friendship with Belarus, it cost them $ 55 billion.

Well, but these estimates were made in Russia during the current quarrels with Minsk. And it was, as it turned out, just a friendly, fraternal family reproaches. In fact, the Russian elite, which for decades has worked "on the public mains enemy" and used to be because a single enemy equal in the world, can now feel comfortable without the integration and military allies on its western borders. So a week before the election, suddenly agreed to duty-free oil, and signed an agreement on a common economic space. Perhaps most underestimated agreement about oil, thinking, well, well, what if all the oil will go to Belarus duty free — and Belarus will also be given to all export duties for oil sold to the Russian budget. Well, yes. But nobody has written many duty-free Russian oil in Belarus will remain as it is processed and sold to Belarusian consumers at inflated prices, and how it will benefit the backward and unreformed Belarusian economy. But Putin has counted 16 December (Pre-reservation, that this is not the full amount) that Belarus Next year will receive from the Russian subsidies in the amount of 5 billion 300 million dollars.

Few people noticed the fact that the day after the election, on December 21, the House of Representatives ratified before this week signed an agreement in Moscow on the establishment in 2012 of a single economic space. It is hard to recall even one example of a lightning ratification … Clearly, in such a way to pay Moscow regime for financial support and recognition for the future elections. In short, agreed. We can say that Moscow has made possible what happened in Minsk on December 19 and the following days, Moscow has allowed cripple Neklyaeva and Sannikov, etc.

West's moral responsibility to Belarus

As for the moral responsibility of the West, by which I mean Europe and America, they are in front of Belarus, of course, are also to blame. In recent weeks, in an interview with Radio Liberty Bialystok Professor Eugene Myronovych and famous American analyst Paul Govbl agreed that in the early 90s did not notice the West Belarus and economically enough to help her, did not help to get out of the sinister according to the former mother country. And I agree with the experts. But do not agree with the author of the fierce essay. Because of wine in front of the West Belarus in comparison with Russian far less.

If you divide the West to Europe and the U.S., and there is a hierarchy of guilt. "The main enemy" in Moscow (St. Petersburg) — America, in my opinion, is the most consistent and honest position on Belarus in the last 10 years, when the dictatorship have flourished especially. Non-recognition of the election, repeated statements of the OSCE, the activity of congressmen and senators, "Act on democracy in Belarus," the initiation of sanctions … And even one of the question of human rights violations in Belarus in the UN Security Council in order to save Kozulin — for me personally a lot of which is … In my opinion it was the most powerful act of moral support for the Belarusian democracy. And that was the case.

Europe is, especially its leaders — Germany and France — cynical and not very aggressively defend human rights in Belarus. It may be said differently: Germany and France have long given Belarus Russia. Even in Prague, in private conversations I have often heard the opinion that, say, Belarus to become part of Russia, then Europe would be less of a headache …

But here are the next presidential election after a European-Belarusian "honeymoon year" — and from Minsk in the face of Europe cynical spittle flying. And what about Europe? She mouth of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Sweden, Poland and the Czech Republic states that "the best test for our values — this is what we can do for the powerless. Europe will not be silent." In other words, the ministers said that Europe … will not be silent. Europe, however, was silent as before …

What Europe could do

I have a question — what do you Europeans do? What do you do for those who are against breakage is open ideas and open hearts, substituting clubbed over the head gorilla special forces who can not go, because otherwise I would have lost self-respect and hope for a better future — for themselves, their children and their country? Now I have a question: do you realize the Europeans that you are dealing with tens of thousands of characters? Heroes, who had not seen for half a century Europe. What did it mean to eight characters out August 25, 1968 on Red Square in Moscow to protest against the occupation of Czechoslovakia? This meant crippled destiny, job loss, jail … Understand whether in Europe in Belarus December 19 tens of thousands of honest people took to the red square? And out of that the result would be the same as for the eight heroes of 1968? In Belarus, for a long time for access to the area kicked off of work, study and put in jail. Would be found in Europe today are those who would sacrifice the health and well-being for freedom in Belarus?

Now, however, the latter I do not demand from the Europeans. It would be quite the same, but the strong do. Not words, but do … From Europe needs now is a strong moral support, moral signal humbled and humiliated in Belarus, that they are not forgotten, that they are cared for and recognize their own. And Europe could such a signal, and such support humiliated and degraded in Belarus give.

Europe could unfreeze sanctions against the Belarusian elite and distribute them to thousands and thousands of servants of the Belarusian regime, to all employees of the KGB and MVD (even on their economic and technical staff, students at their high school), the heads and members of electoral commissions at all levels, judges , all in all, who is on the so-called "public service" and their families, and require the candidates to join the European Union on Balkanah, from Turkey, from members of the Union for the Mediterranean (Egipet, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and others.) certainly join these sanctions. And at the same time, Europe could do for millions of ordinary Belarusian citizens free Schengen visa. Do not carry on endless conversations cynical and unscrupulous visa facilitation, readmission and reducing the cost of visas to 35 euros, and not to abolish fees for visas, sprastsivshy and at the same time maintaining the necessary procedures for their issuance and registration.

Do that Europe — and 70 percent of Belarusians, who a week ago had stolen the election vote, would fail to keep tears of gratitude and pride. Do that Europe — and it wou
ld be the greatest and fairest moral and political support for democracy, was a group of countries, a country that knows the story. Do that Europe and millions of downtrodden in Belarus — the whole nation would be taken to Europe without coming back to their country, which is controlled by greedy and vengeful henchmen of the former mother country …

But Europe does not do this. Europe once again promises to verbal assistance. "Europe will not be silent …"


Life — something cruel, cynical and unprincipled. Unfortunately, the need to get out of the quagmire of their own. It seems that the Belarusian regime is heading for total destruction of the independent political life in the country. In front of us, probably waiting a long way of cultural resistance. So I repeat. While the world has ever one person, who speaks Belarusian … live Belarus!

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