Human rights activists have reported 698 administrative detainees

Began to be set free from the first arrested on administrative processes for their participation in the events of December 19 and the following days.

Adam leaves for 6 days in Zhodino prison and was released on December 26. The prisoners who were serving sentences with him, was asked to call home to their relatives. Adam told the "Freedom", which has already made several requests, but for the big talk until one has enough time.

Human rights activists "Spring" summed up the information on convicted at night, and fined those who as a result of the brutal actions of the police to disperse the rally on Independence Square hurt and was taken to hospital. Human rights activists have counted 698 people. Of them — about 50 people fined, and the same number were taken to hospital, and the other two serve their sentences in the Minsk detention centers, as well as in Zhodino jail. According to human rights Anastasia Marinkina, lot people were sentenced to 10 days, so 29th they will release into the wild. Are they meeting?

These agencies do not want to say at what time they will set people free. But we'll get to know and meet.

"The only problem is that we do not know exactly what time they have written in the records. These agencies do not want to say at what time they will set people free. But we'll get to know and meet. "

By Anastasia Marinkina in prisoners insulators Minsk and Zhodino already started having health problems due to lack of vitamins and walking. "We are preparing for the fact that those who will be released, urgently need to provide medical care," — says human rights activist.

According to the defenders of the detained more than 50 were injured. May Abramchik 29th December went to meet with his friend Andrew Akrestin, but can not — Dec. 19 Valadarski Street policeman broke her leg, hitting a club after, she asked not to beat Andrew. The guy under the supervision of the police I have carried on the hands of a paddy wagon. Then she was taken to the hospital, and it — behind bars. The girl made a difficult operation. "Now the leg heals," — said in May Abramchik. I asked if I could give the name Andrew?

"I do not know. He is no longer a student, already working. With him, I did not talk after that. Maybe he was not against it, but without it I can not solve. "

December 27 in Minsk city court considered the complaint of Russian citizens who were detained during the events of December 19 and sentenced to administrative detention. According to reports, nine complaints were not satisfied, the complaint 2 more people will consider Dec. 30. According to the representative of the Russian Embassy Vadim Gusev, the embassy is not satisfied with the decision of the Minsk City Court isobiraetsya appeal to the Supreme Court.


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