If a hypertensive crisis met in captivity: medical advice

The Company This is what happened in the KGB detention center with the presidential candidate, poet and social activist Vladimir Nyaklyaeu. According to his lawyer, yesterday morning cellmate, seeing Nekljaev loses consciousness, called the prison doctor. Arrested eyed pressure (220/160) and diagnosed — a hypertensive crisis. Nekljaev medykamentoznuyu got help, but was not hospitalized. As the lawyer, because her client was observed inhibited it, and he complained of feeling unwell, she wrote a petition for emergency hospitalization Vladimir Neklyaeva.

From the point of view of medical science, hypertensive crisis is a consequence of the severe disruption of the mechanisms regulating blood pressure that occurs on a background of hypertension and leads to problems with blood circulation in the internal organs. Uncontrolled hypertensive crisis may cause ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke, heart attack, heart failure and even death to the …

Uncontrolled hypertensive crisis can lead to ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke, heart attack, heart failure and even death to the …

The health of Vladimir Neklyaeva and other politicians and public activists detained on December 19-20, implementation these people their legal right to adequate medical care is not only concerned about their loved ones, but also the general public, including the prominent Belarusian doctors.

As the experts, most of the detainees have certain health problems. Their chronic illness complicated by inhuman prison conditions and a variety of severe injuries sustained during the arrest. Potential for danger to the health and life these people — very high, given the lack of quality health care in the prison system, associated with poor staffing, obsolete diagnostic equipment, lack of modern life-saving medicines.

In the current situation, the doctors have to do to Neklyaeva everything they can and more

What do you think about the health of Vladimir Neklyaeva, and some tips for his family on condition of anonymity shared in resuscitation of one of the clinics in Minsk, Mr. Sergei. Specialist in Intensive Care says:

"I think that in the current situation, the doctors must do everything in their power even more. Everybody understands that otherwise everything will be very bad for everyone. Neklyaeva will pull out all the forces. Although the information on this will be. However, in view of his head injury ( traumatic brain injury), hypertension, once suffering a stroke, and now the crisis, to care for him will be more like. "

Every patient has the right to insist on the fact that due to ill health he was unable to speak with the investigator.

According to current rules, the investigators Interior Ministry, the KGB, the prosecution has the right to question even the most severe cases. For example, those which are a drip, but able to talk. As evidenced by Sergei, doctors can not deny it.

"However, the patient himself, if he feels bad, must insist on the fact that he has a headache, but because he can not speak with the investigator., In turn, every doctor any institution including prison, will have to confirm that his patient, for objective medical reasons, can not be questioned. "

Another thing, when, together with the necessary medication a patient receives sedatyvnyya and psychotropic drugs. Under their influence the patient-prisoner can not feel his bad condition and do not refuse to talk to the investigator.

We must insist on adequate medical care

"But the most important thing is to What you need insist sick prisoners, and even more of his relatives — is the adequacy of medical care, "the doctor said.

He believes that families should gather all the information from the medical record of the convicted person, as well as recommendations of doctors who used to constantly watched his patient. If the fate and state of health of a prisoner in silence, it is useful to put the information about it available illness in the media and on the Internet, as well as to file complaints in a variety of instances. In such cases, as with Nyaklyaeu, you need to insist on the inspection of the patient profile specialists, such as cardiology and neurology, and also demand a very different diagnosis — from computer tomography to test for certain reflexes, as well as measuring pressure, at least five times a day.

Close to the patient and he has a right to know how and in what way he is being treated.

Close to the patient and he has a right to know how and in what way he is being treated. This applies, for example, the names and doses of drugs offered to him.

"For example, the pressure can not be beat by some 220 strong intravenous or intramuscular injection. Necessary to reduce it gradually. Prior to 180, not lower. Indeed strokes often do not occur during crises, and when the pressure is suddenly goes astray. Gipertonik who is used to arrest its pressure and feel comfortable enough, should not stop taking these medications in captivity. Certainly, during the crisis, these drugs may not work well with them because doctors have to give the patient something in addition. "

Under the Constitution, every citizen of Belarus patient has the right to timely and adequate medical care, emphasize the Belarusian doctors.

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