Illuminati. New world order.

Marcus Allen of the magazine «Nexus» has described the film as "vzryvayuy consciousness" — and it is. The political system is controlled by the U.S. and Britain by a small group of elite occultists sworn allegiance to all-seeing eye of Lucifer. For over two centuries, the aristocracy of Britain and America have been involved in Satanic secret society whose members are all the major positions of power: politics, the media and the military.

The film is based on historical records, video footage and photos, and lead the viewer on a journey of discovery — from the assassination of John F. Kennedy, through the dark depths of "Gulf War", and takes you to the story of how members of the secret society "Skull and Bones "planned U.S. presidential elections in 2000 and 2004. Thanks to Alex Jones secretly film based material, you look deep into the forests of Northern California, where open annual rituals imitating the sacrifices — ceremonies which for years attend U.S. presidents, vice presidents and executive directors of the largest corporations in the world. You will visit Tibet where the Chinese — the nation called Bush "the most beloved American nation" — regularly beaten and tortured innocent monks. We will open that top members of the British Royal Family were members of Hitler's SS, the temples of free-masons exist within the British House of Commons that the Queen of England is a great patron of the International World Free-massonstva. Film otslezhyvaets between Aleister Crowley, free-massonstvom, British royal family, and asks — whether Tony Blair free-Masson. We have also reveal how society "Skull and Bones" in Yelsk University conducts its own rituals, through covert shooting from inside "the Tomb."

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