In 2010, malaria killed 655,000 people

Last year, malaria caused the death of 655,000 people, with 86% of the victims — children under five. These data are presented in the final report of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The countries in Africa has fallen 91% of deaths and 81% of cases of this illness.

Fortunately, the death rate from malaria decreased from 2000 by more than 25%, and in the African region, people began to die at 33% less. According to WHO, the result of large-scale measures to prevent and control malaria, realized in the last decade. Among them — the widespread use of canopies over the bed, to improve the diagnosis and the wide availability of effective drugs to treat malaria.

For a long time, the most effective way of dealing with the disease were insecticidal canopies over the bed. The number of nets set in the sub-Saharan African countries, which have a malaria has increased from 88.5 million in 2009 to 145 million in 2010. According to experts, today at least one antimalarial canopy is 50% of households in the states of sub-Saharan Africa, and 96% of people have access to these nets, actively using them.

By 2015, the WHO wants to ensure that malaria is no longer a deadly disease, and the number of deaths decreased by 75% from 2000 levels. Well, in 2011, international funding for malaria control reached a peak of $ 2 billion

WHO estimates that over the next three years will be required annual "infusion" of $ 5 billion only then be able to achieve its goals.

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